Statistical test and analysis of the compressive s

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Statistical test analysis of the compressive strength of corrugated boxes III

4 Conclusion

1) through statistical processing of the known test sample values and hypothesis testing of the distribution function, it is concluded that the compressive strength of three-layer B-type corrugated boxes obeys the normal distribution. Using the same method, the compressive strength of five layer CB corrugated box and seven layer ACB corrugated box with an increase of about 15% is also obtained. Under the above conditions, they all obey the normal distribution (the calculation process is omitted). The conclusions are as follows:

three layer (B-type) corrugated box (350mmx260mmx306 display accuracy 0.01mpamm) pressure resistance (1052n, 34.74n)

five layer (CB type) corrugated box (experimental study on high temperature decarburization characteristics of 338mmx23 spring steel sup6 for coil spring 5mmxl80mm) compressive strength (4022.5n, 31.44n)

seven layer (ACB type) corrugated box (285mmx270mmx276mm) compressive strength (5292n, 37.95n)

2) when designing the compressive strength of cartons in the circulation environment, the engineering and technical personnel of carton design can directly select the compressive strength data. It has the advantages of simple design and accurate and reliable data, and avoids many inconveniences in calculating the compressive strength of cartons with conventional design, such as inaccuracy, backward design methods and so on

(author/Li Yusheng, zhangshubin, Chongqing Industrial and Commercial University)

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