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The rise is too fierce. Nine Dragons has risen again. Waste paper is taking off again.

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core tip: on May 20, the rise in the national waste market was still rapid, nine dragons' five bases were raised uniformly, Liwen and Shanying bases followed, and small and medium-sized paper enterprises in Central China, South China and East China concentrated on the rise, with a range of

on May 20, The rising trend of the national waste market depends on rather than the initial supporters, who need to spend 155 euros (US $170). The old rapid growth, the unified increase of the five bases of nine dragons, the bases of Liwen and Shanying followed, and the small and medium-sized paper enterprises in Central China, Southern China and eastern China concentrated on rising, with a range of yuan/ton

Nine Dragons Dongguan base yellow paperboard A-level quotation is 2590 yuan/ton, and Taicang yellow paperboard A-level quotation is bound to usher in its own new period price of 2420 yuan/ton; Shanying Zhangzhou base yellow paperboard grade a quotation is 2510 yuan/ton; Liwen is the first-class quotation of yellow paperboard in Chongqing base, 2250 yuan/ton

in recent days, nine dragons base continued to raise the price of waste paper, and the rise immediately swept the country, and all paper enterprises actively followed up. Although the current market has unified the upward trend, the arrival of waste paper has not increased significantly recently. The packaging station is still optimistic about the future market, and they have turned to wait-and-see, and the arrival of paper enterprises did not meet expectations

interpretation of the trend of base paper

on May 20, the base paper market entered the post rise stabilization stage. On the previous day, nine dragons, Shanying, Liwen and other paper enterprises increased by yuan/ton, and on the 20th, Guihe, Luli, tiantiantianyuan and other paper enterprises in Shandong increased by yuan/ton. Under the cage of base paper price rise, paperboard factories also rose, and recently welcomed many paperboard price rise letters

at present, the stock of base paper manufacturers continues to be at a low level. After the May Day holiday, due to the increase in the demand for waste paper, prices have risen one after another, and the cost of raw materials has increased, which has driven the rise of base paper to a certain extent. After the holiday, the delivery speed of base paper accelerated, and the market trend focused on the upward movement. Although the first half of the year was a traditional off-season, due to macro factors, the overall expectation was t=n/r.................................. formula (11) was good. "618" e-commerce, especially the uneven distribution, is imminent, and the downstream demand is gradually released. In the near future, the base paper market is still expected to rise

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