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"The rise and fall are reasonable, and the weight lifting is easy" reveals the XCMG g generation because the indicators between these products are different xca100 ultimate natural color

"the rise and fall are reasonable, and the weight lifting is easy" reveals the xca100 ultimate natural color of XCMG g generation

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so the rubber tension testing machine must accurately measure the strain of the sample in the rubber stretching experiment

"Four axle 100 ton all terrain crane, seven arm length of 60 meters, independent suspension, three axle drive, full axle steering". If you don't see it with your own eyes, you will definitely feel that this is hearsay based on these keywords alone. But from this moment on, you only need to remember its name: xca100 of XCMG g generation, the ultimate all terrain crane with both strength and appearance

xca100 holds a 58 meter high tower with its huge arm

threading needles at high altitude, and 20 tons of weights are handy

strength is in front of it. The extreme design of the four bridges makes xca100 truly famous as a "subversive work". XCMG's original design of large load single wishbone independent suspension system, a new technology boldly innovated in the field of engineering machinery design, has a crucial "control" over the driving state of vehicles under different road conditions. On muddy and uneven roads, the suspensions on both sides of xca100 can work independently according to the ups and downs of the road. It has six steering modes, matches the disconnected axle, and has a larger ground clearance. It can pass through a curve with a diameter of 18m at high speed, over an obstacle with a height of 0.5m. The minimum turning radius is 9m, and its off-road performance is the world's leading. At the same time, the multi-mode driving technology makes xca100 more adaptable to driving conditions. Coupled with the application of the axle load detection technology, it can dynamically calculate the axle load and the position of the vehicle's center of gravity in real time, and automatically match the corresponding maximum in real time, thus affecting the properties of the mixture and the driving mode of the axle, so as to ensure that the vehicle is in the best driving state. Imagine this kind of handling feeling, which should not be inferior to the top off-road luxury car

xca100 crane of XCMG g generation

in addition, it is worth noting that xca100 applies the double arm pin bolt expansion system technology independently developed and designed by XCMG. It adopts a seven section 60m main boom, with a maximum lifting height of 88 meters. The application of the new single plate boom head structure and compact boom tail technology increases the effective lap length of the boom under the same full extension and full contraction boom length conditions. Under the same boom length conditions, the lifting weight is larger, and the lifting performance is improved by 5-10%. The extended luffing support structure improves the stress state, and the overall stress is more uniform when lifting, effectively avoiding the cracking of the front end face of the luffing support due to stress concentration. At the same time, the mature valve controlled load sensing system adopts a composite throttling groove design, with a fretting range of 1.5mm, and the fretting accuracy is improved by 15%, making the lifting operation more efficient and safer

XCMG g generation xca100 crane boom

innovation comes from breakthrough, and innovation comes from careful care for customers. Xca100 also applies intelligent technology to the extreme in the design of the control system. Users only need to set parameters such as lifting amplitude and weight on the control screen of the control room, and the system can automatically recommend the best lifting condition. At the same time, every operation page and action has been compared and analyzed by man-machine. A series of innovative designs such as intelligent driving and remote control operation are also providing customers with the most comfortable and safe intelligent operation environment

xca100 crane loading and unloading control system of XCMG g generation

xca100, as the representative work of four bridge 100 ton all terrain crane, adopts modular development, and can be configured with different engine emissions according to different regions to meet the global market. In the design process, according to en13000 and FEM design standards, it meets CE and wvta certification standards, and has passed the world's most stringent road vehicle regulatory certification at one stroke

xca100 crane jib of XCMG g generation

after these dry goods and hard power, let's see what kind of beauty xca100 has, so that the global vision can focus on it. The new generation of appearance design, the whole machine is strong and powerful, the fashionable new appearance of the cab and the control room, and the perfect combination of sense of hierarchy and sense of strength; Comprehensive ergonomic analysis and humanized detail processing create the internal quality of easy driving, comfortable operation and convenient maintenance. No matter from which direction to appreciate it, you can feel the perfect combination of "force and beauty". Strong bones, dynamic lines, excellent accessories. This is all due to the unique visual creation of XCMG designers

XCMG g generation xca100 crane

XCMG hoisting machinery has been built with ingenuity for more than 70 years on the power supply of this equipment. "Leading technology and indestructible use" is the best commitment to users. Generation g makes hoisting more professional

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