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XCMG machinery is the "boss" in the construction of Rio Olympic venues

XCMG machinery is the "boss" in the construction of Rio Olympic venues

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before the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympic Games in Brazil, the "troughs" continued, and the Rio Olympic Games successfully "counterattacked" with a simple, "sexy", artistic, and environmental friendly opening ceremony, and all spectators were "black to pink"

of course, the wonderful performance of the Chinese Olympic Corps is more expected. Even after an 11 hour time difference, they are also excited to stay in front of the screen with everyone

opening ceremony

of course, the Chinese Olympic manufacturing corps, which is as domineering as the Chinese Olympic Sports corps, has also become popular all the way. It is called the most reliable highlight of the Rio Olympics - mascots, Olympic subway, security inspection equipment, intercom system, official clothing equipment, some competition equipment... These are all contracted by Chinese manufacturers. 5 When the frequency conversion series resonant voltage withstand test device was used, it blew the most dazzling wind made in China in Rio

however, I want to tell you that as a representative of China's construction machinery, XCMG has long been associated with the Rio Olympics - among the construction machinery used in the construction of Rio Olympic venues, XCMG provides the largest number of products, accounting for more than half, especially cranes and concrete equipment, accounting for 80%. It can be said with pride: Rio Olympic stadium construction 7. Functional accessories of experimental instruments and experimental instruments related to experimental instruments; Xu Gong machinery is the "boss"

XCMG machinery is the leader in venue construction

more than 1000 earth rock machinery from XCMG participated in the venue construction, more than 300 road rollers were used in the construction of venue ancillary facilities, more than 500 cranes were used in building hoisting construction, more than 200 high-altitude platform operating vehicles were used in indoor decoration hoisting construction, and a total of more than 2000 XCMG brand construction machinery were "busy" on the entire Olympic site

XCMG crane builds the new water source arena in El Salvador

why can XCMG crane achieve this success in the construction of venues in Brazil? This is the decisive role played by XCMG Brazil base. The Brazilian government expressly stipulates that all enterprises participating in government bidding projects must have the ability of local manufacturing in Brazil, that is, they must have an enterprise base in Brazil

XCMG's Brazilian base covers an area of 800000 square meters and can manufacture five categories of more than 60 varieties of equipment

Premier Li Keqiang once highly praised XCMG: XCMG's equipment can carry out various standard experiments such as American Standard, European standard and national standard. It is well done in Brazil, and you should strive for better!

XCMG's internationalization is not only reflected in sales and manufacturing, but also in R & D. at present, the group has R & D centers in Germany and the United States. Only with excellent technology can we turn the needs of overseas markets into real orders. At present, XCMG products have been sold to 176 countries and regions, and last year, overseas revenue accounted for 30% of the group's total revenue. XCMG ranks 9th in the world construction machinery industry and is also the only Chinese engineering enterprise

"more than a decade ago, XCMG began to layout overseas markets such as Brazil. From products going out, to personnel and services going out, and then to capital going out, XCMG's' three-step 'international development can be said to be one step at a time." On the eve of the Olympic Games, Sheng min, director of the International Development Department of XCMG, said

made in China at the Rio Olympic site is both face-saving and interior, reflecting the increasingly sophisticated R & D capabilities, high-quality manufacturing capabilities and high-value brand influence of the Chinese manufacturing corps, which makes every Chinese proud of it

finally, I want to say that the Olympics knows no borders. Let's cheer for the athletes on the Olympic stage and the support service team behind the stage

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