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The rise of aquatic product prices "urges" Yiwu plastic bags

"there are oneortwo plastic bags. Every time we buy fish and shrimp, our consumers will suffer." Since September, Yidong Industrial and Commercial Office of the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce has received many complaints from the masses. When buying fish and shrimp in the 23 Li comprehensive market, it was found that the plastic bag provided by the operator was much heavier than the original one, about oneortwo weight, and this part of the weight, calculated according to the price of fish and shrimp, would bring great losses to consumers

in this regard, the law enforcement officers of Yidong Industrial and commercial office inspected the fish and shrimp operators in the 23 Li comprehensive market. During the inspection, it was found that in recent months, due to the increasing purchase price of aquatic products, operators have adopted this kind of heavy plastic bags in order to ensure profits

then, the staff of Yidong Industrial and commercial office took out the plastic bags of each business household, weighed them on the fair scale, and found that the weight of each plastic bag actually reached 55 grams. Now the price of live shrimp on the market is about 20 yuan/Jin, so after using this plastic bag, operators can charge an extra 2.1 yuan from each bag of shrimp

the law enforcement officers of Yidong Industrial and commercial office severely criticized the improper business behavior of fish and shrimp operators and asked them to rectify within a time limit to effectively protect the rights and interests of consumers

in addition, according to the relevant national regulations on plastic shopping bags, Yidong Industrial and commercial office also requires that business households in the market should not use ultra-thin plastic bags with a thickness of less than 0.025 mm, which vary with the specification and grade of bolts and nuts, and requires that consumers who need to use plastic shopping bags should be clearly informed of the price, and the price of plastic shopping bags should be charged in addition to the commodity price, The price of plastic shopping bags shall not be provided free of charge or implied in the total price of commodities with metallic and non-metallic materials prepared by the company

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