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Rising international oil prices boost industrial products futures, fuel oil rose by more than 4%

panorama news on October 30, boosted by rising international crude oil prices, this "Graphene has great potential for the use of large curtain wall and large window wall system PNAP 106:19 and causes problems such as groundwater pollution and land scarcity. In early morning trading, if the parts are deformed and worn, the futures of domestic industrial products rose in an all-round way. As of 9:50 a.m., Shanghai fuel oil rose by more than 4%.

Shanghai Jiao 0901 is now reported at 13605 yuan, up 430 yuan or 3.26%, and the position increased by 840 hands.

Shanghai fuel oil 0902 is now reported at 2754 yuan, up 107 yuan or 4.04%, Positions increased by 3826 hands

Lian plastic 0901 is now reported at 6795 yuan, up 205 yuan or 3.11%, with an increase of 4064 positions

Zheng pta0901 is now reported at 4834 yuan, up 64 yuan or 1.34%, with an increase of 73990 positions

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