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Rip and CTP systems and their technical applications (Part 2)

2. Separate the rip process from the whole output process.

aikefa's taipanrip has this feature. It can store rip good documents on the disk, so that users can review the correctness of the text, image, trap and large version in the document in advance before scanning the output printing plate, zoom and observe the panoramic image, and display the synthesis of color separation (including spot color), point angle condition Ink coverage, etc. The output documents can also be stored in rip, so that when they are reused in the future, they can be directly taken out and output the same printing plate without rasterization

taipan Rip is a software rip for Windows NT, which can run on a dual CPU workstation, that is, it can complete two tasks at the same time, such as starting the next rip document while outputting a document. It also has spool function, which can complete more tasks in each shift. Taipan rip supports various resolutions, addition methods and output sizes. Through pre inspection, the user can decide whether to output the printing immediately, postpone the output or make a backup

3. Add an open intermediate format in the rip process

delta rip developed by Linotype hell and scriptworks developed by harlequln belong to this kind. The whole delta Rip is composed of delta software, deltatower and deltaworkstation. Linotype hell believes that it should not be regarded as a simple rip, but as an integrated system and a delta technology. The most remarkable feature of delta technology is that an intermediate format called delta list is introduced between interpretation and rasterizins. The delta list format is open, which has the following effects:

A. It can enable other rip suppliers to make a delta list. Connect this delta Lisi to the delta tower processor of the output device for output

b, third-party developers are allowed to write an application and send it to the delta list to complete tasks such as trapping, blocking and color proofing

c. delta Rip is allowed to drive non Linotype hell output devices. Other Canton merchants only need to develop a program that can read the delta list format and write an interface for its output device

in this way, in addition to the usual print queue management, image management and OPI service functions, deltarip system also provides functions such as leak filling I, proofing, large version assembly and offline production. When using the specified hardware processor and the specified output device, the delta list pair makes the output device run at full speed. Another feature of delta technology is "rip once, output many times". Delta Rip can cooperate with signastatation, digital proofing forlnproof, servers and databases, which are dedicated to Linotype hell, to meet a variety of requirements in digital workflow

harlequin's scriptworks also has display list access between interpretation and output imaging. It enables OEM manufacturers and third parties to write specific applications for users and put these applications into scrlpworks to strengthen their respective systems

in addition to trapping, preview, etc., harlequin fine addition (HPS) is also included in scriptwork rip. HPS can reduce or eliminate moire. It can also select the point angle and frequency to obtain the desired results. The "extragrays" feature of scriptwork can be used to combine with HPS to expand the gray level of each color

scrlpworks can overlap input, interpretation and output, that is, when interpreting a document, the previous interpreted document is output from a selected device, and the next document can be received. In many cases, this means that the output device can run at full speed without stopping between pages or printing. Scriptworks compresses and stores the printed materials on the hard disk before sending them directly to the output device. In this way, on the one hand, it saves time than storing the original compressed printing. On the other hand, when a high-precision and high-performance environmental experimental equipment needs additional finished products or the machine fails, there is no need to reinterpret the printing, because all the dot matrix data has been stored on the disk and it is easy to re output. If you need to reorder the pages, you can cut off the printing of a page in the process and re print it without reinterpretation of the original page. Scriptworks has also achieved full compatibility with postscript level2 and promised to be compatible with postscript level3. Scriptworks can process PDF 1.2 documents

scriptworks' mixed workflow

supports various input formats such as postscript, PDF, tiff/it-pi, and can handle PDF printing efficiently without seam in the mixed workflow environment

4. Accept postscript and PDF documents at the same time

aikefa's Taipan ax rip, like Taipan rip, also separates the rip process from the whole output process. Another important feature is that it can accept postscript and PDF documents at the same time, and can automatically convert some operations of the less efficient postscript level to higher quality. Faster postscript levy 3 operation

in this way, Taipan ax Rip can be applied to the existing postscript workflow without replacing the existing application software. Taipan ax rip runs on Dec's 500MHz alnha processor, which can meet CTP users' needs for rip in speed and reliability

5.intelligent agents intelligent interface process

in 1996, harlequin developed EP2000 rip after launching it, using asents (interface process) to adapt the workflow

as the workflow of Lingtian's digital printing and publishing is becoming more and more complex, there are various choices from input media, document format, printing submission mode to output and transmission mode. Production decisions must also take into account trapping, large edition, color mode and proofing, as well as meeting customers' various needs on how to transmit, price, quality and workflow rearrangement. Therefore, Last minute changes, urgent tasks, and even equipment damage will always exist. In order to deal with these variable factors, we need advanced intelligent software. EP2000 is developed to meet this demand. It can make the system working in the digital production environment intelligently and automatically optimize according to the user's priorities and preferences. Where is the rubber tensile testing machine, plastic tensile machine, and how to choose? Change yourself to adapt to the changes of production environment. Harlequin OEM manufacturers can also form a system based on this, so that all aspects of the printing production process can be optimized and flexibly controlled to meet the needs of users. The traditional workflow system always requires the data processing and coordination to be carried out in the design stage, and also requires the use of a specific file format or processing order based on a fixed system structure

ep2000 requires its technology to adapt to the operator, rather than forcing the operator to adapt to its technology. Intelligent agents of EP2000 is a special software module that can perform tasks on behalf of operators or even other software modules. It can also track the source of printing, monitor the work of each part of the system, the work of the network, the application of CPU and disk, and pre estimate and optimize the whole publishing process

in case of equipment failure or bottleneck, such as rip failure, EP2000 can automatically re process in the specified way with the replacement CPU. EP2000 has the function of continuously evaluating alternative production plans and making decisions. If it is evaluated that there are multiple proofing samples in a certain situation, this requirement is built into the production plan for implementation. EP2000 can also provide the ability to drive a variety of output devices. For example, color pages can be photoelectrically induced according to needs. Among them, the relatively advanced technology needs to be sent to different output devices, such as color proofing machine, book post large version proofing machine. After the proofing sheet is approved, people's requirements for family housing are also increasing, and then output it to one or more phototypesetters or direct plate making machines, You can also convert the original file into HTML and send it to the station. EP2000 has the function of interpret once/rasterizemany, that is, the file after interpretation once is stored in a format independent of the device, and can be rasterized many times for different devices with different resolutions and color correction in the future. EP2000 can also have the function of selective processing, for example, just send the pages that need proofing to the proofing machine. EP2000 also has the last minute modification function

of course, rip with complete functions must also have the ability to be compatible with international general standards in all aspects of hardware and software

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