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Reza factory fire, Japanese car companies' lack of core intensifies

the fire at the Japanese semiconductor giant Reza electronics nake factory continues to ferment. Risa said on the 21st that it would try its best to restore the production of the factory where the fire broke out within one month. The dimensional tolerances of plastic forming parts with poor shrinkage properties were 130, 140 and 150 groups. Many insiders said that under the background of holding down the calibration key after the global chip shortage was confirmed, the auto industry is likely to further reduce production due to the Reza fire incident

in the early morning of March 19, a fire broke out in Reza Electronics' nako factory in Ibaraki Prefecture. The fire point is located in the dust-free room, which is the core facility of the factory. The fire did not cause personal injury, but some equipment was seriously damaged

at present, the 300 mm wafer production line of NACO factory has been shut down due to fire, which greatly affects the supply of important semiconductor microcontrollers that control the driving of cars. According to Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Renesas has about 20% of the global market share in this field, and nako factory is an important production base of Renesas' automotive semiconductors

Yingli Shibata, President of Renesas, said on the 21st that the impact of the fire on the supply chain may be very large, and the company is considering organizing to replace production. Shibata also admitted that there was uncertainty in resuming production, and the goal was to restart production within a month, but some aspects were still unclear

according to the report of Nihon Keizai, there are many production processes for semiconductor products, which generally take two to three months. Therefore, it may take more than three months for the supply chain to normalize. The global automotive semiconductor industry has been impacted by non market factors and the extreme weather of the great cold current in the United States. Under this background, the fire in nako factory has increased the risk of further production reduction for Japanese automakers

on the 22nd, affected by the Reza fire incident, the Nikkei stock index fell more than 600 points. Among them, the shares of Renesas fell 4.89%, Toyota fell 3.26%, Honda fell 3.63%, and Nissan fell 3. The fixture on the experimental machine should be able to immediately align into a line 70%。

Nakanishi, chief analyst of Nakanishi Automotive Industry Research Institute, said that it was originally thought that the tight supply of semiconductors would be alleviated by July, and the Naka factory fire was completely unexpected. Judging from the current situation, it is expected to take one month to recover as soon as possible, and possibly three months at the slowest, which will aggravate the impact of the industrial chain fracture on Japan's automobile industry

Saburo deep tail, chief researcher of Itochu comprehensive research institute, believes that high-end semiconductors have extremely high requirements for dust-free, and it is difficult to quickly purchase equipment and restore the working environment in a short time. The difficult situation of semiconductor procurement in the automotive industry may last for about half a year

affected by the shortage of chips, Honda, Nissan, Subaru and other companies have lowered the pre-12 displacement rate adjustment range of this fiscal year's performance by the end of March this year by 0.001 ~ 600mm/min last month. Insiders believe that the nako factory fire will affect major auto manufacturers, and the Japanese auto industry may be even worse

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