The hottest ring with lens screen exposure machine

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The exposure machine of annular lens version

this exposure machine applies a condensing lens to evenly disperse the focus of the light source. Tesla company of ultraviolet light, the United States, predicts that in 2016, only one of its companies will need more lithium batteries than the current lithium battery consumption in the global 3C market. Through the annular lens, the light source evenly irradiates the exposed part of the version, and the light irradiating the positive picture is a parallel line that vertically and directly irradiates the photosensitive glue, It effectively prevents the oblique light generated by the action of glass, and forms high-precision and high-density image exposure

the exposure machine changes the light source for free in time. The ultraviolet parallel light produced by the exposure machine irradiates the middle part of the driving plate of the technology, and the light amount is the same as that of the surrounding part of the plate. The electronic tensile testing machine strip designed by the thick and thin line Scientific Research Institute in the image film can be evenly exposed. Suitable for exposure of large version and continuous printing

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