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"Ripeness meter" -- an instrument for measuring whether watermelons are mature

after resetting the travel of the actuator to ± 50mm, recently, the innovation team of college students in the school of mechanical engineering of Yangzhou University invented an instrument for measuring whether watermelons are mature. The user only needs to stick the "tentacles" of the instrument on the watermelon and tap the watermelon gently with his fingers, In less than five seconds, the instrument can "hear" whether the watermelon is ripe. At present, the invention has been patented by the state

"it's only about the size of a palm, and we have a special chip in it." Huang Yi, the main inventor, introduced that the development and construction of salt lake resources took a long time. On the front of the watermelon "ripening meter" is a liquid crystal display screen, with two iron plates at the lower end forming a "V-shaped" card slot, and a miniature "tentacle" with a diameter of about 3 cm at the other end. "The sound of raw watermelon is crisp, while the sound of cooked melon is melodious, and the vibration time is longer." Professor wangchanglong, the instructor of the invention, introduced that the principle of the "ripeness meter" is to collect the vibration signal generated when knocking the watermelon through the "tentacles", convert it into digital signal in the internal chip, and then combine it with the card slot for accurate measurement. The "maturity" of the watermelon can be displayed on the LCD screen. "The maturity of watermelon is about 8 points, which is the best. If it reaches 10 points, it is ripe."

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