The demand for phenolic resin in North America gro

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The demand for phenolic resin in North America grows slowly

according to the research of Freedonia group, the demand growth rate of phenolic aldehyde resin with spots, wrinkles, bubbles and adherents in North America will be lower than the average economic growth rate in this region. From 2001 to 2006, when the demand for recycled carbon fiber materials of phenolic resin was large enough, the annual growth rate of resin market was 1.0%, and the demand in 2006 was 4.5 billion pounds. Phenolic resin is mainly used in the production of adhesives. Due to the weakness of the housing construction market, the growth of its demand is slow

for molded compounds, power and electronic devices are a relatively hot spot. Because molding compounds have good heat resistance and are beneficial to high-speed experiments and electrical properties of non-metallic materials (rubber, etc.), they will continue to occupy the current dominant position. Phenolic resin will face fierce competition from other thermoplastic engineering plastics, most of which have a mature molding market

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