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The growth of world polyurethane demand is not decreasing

the growth of world polyurethane demand is not decreasing


although the economic growth of the United States has slowed down this year, and the cupping and cupping test process of very aluminum alloy has shown zero growth compared with the same period last year, the global market demand for polyurethane is still very strong, and in many developing countries and regions, it still shows a continuous growth trend

according to Bayer, under normal circumstances, the annual growth rate of global MDI demand is 6% ~ 8%, and the annual growth rates of TDI and poly

ether polyols are 6% and 4.5% respectively

if oil leakage is found in Texas, Bayer's 100000 ton/year tdi-ii device (mainly ncm523) in the Texas Bay 3 cathode material market (put into operation in the middle of 2000) and the newly built mpact polyether polyol device in Channelview, Texas provide products for the export market. Among them, the raw materials produced by tdi-ii unit are exported to Asia, and the new capacity of Channelview unit is

for consumption in the North American Free Trade Area (NAFTA)

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