The demand for printing ink will increase to 30000

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In 2005, the demand for printing ink will increase to 300000 tons

with the rapid and stable development of the national economy, the demand for printing ink in China is expected to increase this year

it is reported that by the end of this year, the consumption of printing ink in China will determine that the total cost of enterprises in the future will reach about 300000 tons. In recent years, offset printing inks are still dominant in the domestic market, with a share of more than 50%. It is expected that the rotary offset printing ink for domestic publishing and printing will grow rapidly this year; The demand for gravure printing ink remained stable on the whole; The demand for plastic printing ink, food packaging printing ink and water-based ink will increase; The demand for letterpress printing ink will decrease significantly, but the proportion of flexographic printing ink will increase significantly with the rapid growth of packaging industry; The demand for ink for silk printing is also increasing

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