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"Chuang Tzu · the way of heaven" has a saying:

"the world can't compete with simplicity for beauty."

indeed, refreshing beauty is often simple

with a sincere and simple childlike heart,

can realize the simplicity, permanence and fun of simplicity

what kind of existence is grey

the color between black and white,

is not as clear as black and white,

softens the chromaticity boundary,

leaves people a space for reverie...

gray has always been classified as the "basic color". It has been favored by the fashion industry for many years and is a world popular color.

in the home industry, it also advocates simple style ~

French grey oak

simple style is by no means simple,

use various grayscales to match different shades,

show the bright and clever matching of outlet bars,

indoor environment with different styles ~

French grey oak,

stripes are vertically and horizontally distributed,

deep and light gray color blocks are strongly collided and fused,

create a deep inspiration space,

texture cracks are vertically and horizontally,

delicate curves naturally expand the beauty and style of nature ~

rock lime flax

under the uncanny workmanship of nature,

restore the mountain texture of mountains and rocks,

white lines are paved with ornaments,

layered, clear and natural,

wild and not messy,

has a low-key luxury aesthetic feeling

plain rock lime,

primitive gray can reach the peace of mind,

tired of busy people,

will put aside all luxury and flashy decorations,

retain the most simple and simple spatial attributes,

there are no spare parts, simple and beautiful ~

blue grey silk pattern

the overall space takes gray as the main color,

from elegant and chic to quiet and calm,

perfectly deduces the personality charm of the gray range

those who are deep are dark and powerful, while those who are shallow are light as elegant

it seems that life is alive, and things and human relations are not black and white extremes

travel in time, which is rich in details,

must be hidden in the hidden details of life

volcanic ash flax

shows the texture of the volcano incisively and vividly,

temperament flows in the texture,

texture is pure, color is gray and elegant,

approximate the natural beauty of the original ecological stone,

create a natural, ecological modern space atmosphere

advanced gray

gray is calm,

is tolerant, and it's a laugh,

gray is mature and stable,

no one is born gray,

it's time and experience that grind people into gray,

at the same time, we also understand the value of gray

gray is the most inclusive color,

is also an indifferent mood

let's embrace the world with a warm and tolerant heart ~

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