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As an ocean of learning, how can the decoration design of the study be carried out to make the study more artistic? I believe this is what many people want to know. Today, our Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network is here to explain how to build an artistic study


a person with temperament, regardless of style, requires a unique person, or a wonderful person, who chooses to decorate the room like a song and dance hall or an art exhibition, or chooses to decorate the room as a library or a poor real "simplicity" style with only bookshelves and desks. Although it is only a study, its value is endowed by us to a myriad of changes


if the sun hangs in the sky for a day, the effect we want is to selfishly let the sun find our study location at all times. Even a glimmer of light is warm and comfortable. Of course, everyone's needs and positioning are different. Follow their own style and route. If liberalism binds any personal will and puts a reasonable label on it, it is still pseudo liberalism. Therefore, really listen to your heart. When placing books, it's best not to let the sun stab into the line of sight intensely. Being too poisonous is harmful to health

sound insulation

the study can provide a series of meaningful and valuable activities such as reading, writing, creation, etc., and none of them requires a quiet environment. Even for a high-quality talent who knows "being in trouble and being out of trouble", I believe that a strong external evaluation standard is enough for you to create a suitable study style. In order to keep the reading environment quiet, we can choose sound insulation board and PVC sound-absorbing board when decorating the wall. Gypsum board ceiling can be used for the ceiling, and carpet can also be used for the ground to achieve the effect of attraction. Colleagues can also have a certain effect on trivial details, in fact, thick curtains


if there are many books in the study, it may damp the books if it rains heavily. Putting the bookcase on the sunny side can be avoided, but remember that the location of the study has a certain feng shui knowledge, and we should learn more about feng shui knowledge of study decoration. For the purchase of study furniture, the texture of the desk should not be too messy when choosing. If you like simple, a pure white desktop can fully meet the needs of reading, and it is cheap. But if you have a special love for objects and the concept of giving value and meaning, it is suggested to consider a desk with strong wood texture, but remember, don't mess, based on the needs of human nature, If the complexity behind a thing exceeds that of the thing itself, it can cause people's disgust and attention diversion

the study is an amusement park that inspires wisdom, purifies the heart, and understands life. If we compare the bedroom to a resting place for the soul at night, we can say that the study is a private ladder that guides us to yearn for a better life and pursue our own values and ideals. So study decoration is very important for people who like knowledge, and we should understand the precautions of decoration when decorating the study. Recommended reading: precautions for study decoration

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