God, such a floating window is really beautiful

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(high quality home decoration, Carty doors and windows) many people have such a dream of floating windows: looking at the flowers blooming outside the window in spring, listening to the rain on the eaves of the window in summer, feeling the falling leaves flying in autumn, and touching the romantic snowflakes in winter. Who can not love such floating windows

today's housing prices are really "an inch of land and an inch of gold"! How to use the limited space to create infinite artistic charm? Why not build an indoor floating window http://www.dgkadi.com ? You can turn it into a personal workspace, or you can change it into a functional space, such as a small bed, a small tea room, or just a space in a daze

the wall of the bay window can also be set as a storage rack to store goods, books or handicrafts, which is beautiful and practical. If you back against the wall, you can daze and fantasize; Or put a small tea table in the middle, and a small tea room is finished. If you have friends, you can watch the scenery, chat or play games at the same time, and the heavy life is hard to relax

imagine that on weekends, you don't sleep in and enjoy the sunshine in the morning with a cup of tea, which is pleasant and comfortable! Don't hesitate to design such a floating window http://www.dgkadi.com , it will not take up too much space. Soft benches, small sofas, small dining tables, some decorations, comfortable and comfortable space belongs to you

when you meet the floating window at the corner, your daze space makes you dream. The setting of the window at the corner ensures the bright sense of space in the room. The window frames with different specifications are neat and uniform, which is very eye-catching. The design of the corner also conforms to the setting of the whole landscape window




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