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Today is different from the past. People now have to put on their shoes before going out. But in the room, we need a shoe cabinet to store our shoes, so that the whole house will not be messy, and it can also block dust “ Get close ” Our beautiful shoes. But what are the styles of shoe cabinets? What should we pay attention to when choosing? Now let's have a deep understanding with Xiaobian

1. What are the styles of shoe cabinets

a. according to the functions of shoe cabinets,

traditional shoe cabinets: This is the most commonly used style, which is mainly used to store shoes. Now many families will design it at the entrance, that is, the porch shoe cabinet; It can be said that both decoration and practicality coexist

electronic shoe cabinet: it is made with high technology. In addition to its fashionable appearance, the electronic shoe cabinet also has the functions of sterilization, deodorization and so on. It is a new product, which is deeply loved by consumers

integration of shoe cabinet and wardrobe: with the improvement of technology level, the style of integrating shoe cabinet and wardrobe is also launched in the market, which is not only practical, but also placed on a very tall room

a, according to the style of shoe cabinet,

drawer type shoe cabinet: generally, this style of shoe cabinet will have two to three layers, which can accommodate more than 20 pairs of shoes

door type shoe cabinet: common ones are double door or four door ones, which are slightly larger than drawer type ones, and drawer type ones are more

flip bucket shoe cabinet: it looks a bit like a drawer type from the appearance, but it will be more advanced. Because this shoe cabinet has two sliding rods under control, you only need to pull it once to have a panoramic view of the shoes in the whole cabinet

a. according to the material of the shoe cabinet, it is divided into

wooden shoe cabinet: it is processed from various plates, but adhesives, paints, etc. will be used in the process of processing, so it will contain formaldehyde to some extent

metal shoe cabinet: firmer than wood, and also environmentally friendly. However, the production difficulty will be improved, and the appearance is not novel

a, according to the style of shoe cabinet

this can be divided into: European shoe cabinet, Chinese shoe cabinet, Korean shoe cabinet, Japanese shoe cabinet, etc., which can be matched and selected according to the home decoration style

2. Precautions for selecting shoe cabinets

first, check whether the structure and support of the shoe cabinet are firm. It is suggested that you can try knocking when selecting. If the sound is loud, it indicates that the structure of this shoe cabinet is good; On the contrary, if it is a dumb voice, it must not be advisable for such a shoe cabinet

secondly, pay attention to the paint on the part of the shoe cabinet to see whether it is lubricated and flat. A truly qualified shoe cabinet will feel smooth and wrinkle free. Only after painting can the shoe cabinet be beautiful, and people will buy it

Xiaobian conclusion: the above is an introduction to the styles of shoe cabinets and what to pay attention to when selecting shoe cabinets. I hope it can help you in your choice. As a piece of furniture that people use every day, the shoe cabinet can be selected according to the actual needs and room style




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