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China's packaging industry ranks first in the world, and the output of corrugated board ranks second in the world.

with the rapid development of China's packaging industry, on March 14, 2011, the tensile performance indicators of wood, plastic profiles, wires and cables, paper, film, rubber, medicine, food packaging materials, fabrics, etc. were tested, and the digital display electronic universal testing machine is suitable for users who only want force value, tensile strength, compressive strength and other relevant data, The outline of the 12th Five Year Plan for national economic and social development was officially announced and implemented

the outline proposes that the packaging industry should accelerate the development of advanced packaging equipment, new packaging materials and high-end packaging products

with the rapid development of China's packaging industry, packaging production is promoting the construction of the national economy. As an independent industry system, the development of the packaging industry has been included in the national economic and social development plan

data show that in 11 years, China's packaging industry has 7977 Enterprises above Designated Size, with 1435500 employees, assets of 601.541 billion yuan, sales revenue of 91.263 billion yuan, and total profits of 63.499 billion yuan

at present, China's packaging industry has experienced a period of rapid development, has initially had a certain production scale, and has formed a relatively complete packaging industry system with a complete range of materials, products, machinery, packaging and printing, design and scientific research, which has become an important part of China's manufacturing industry

at present, the packaging products with the highest annual output in China are corrugated cardboard, plastic woven bags, composite flexible packaging and metal barrels

among them, the output of corrugated board ranks second in the world

corresponding safety protection devices have been added to some locations where misoperation may damage the machine

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