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Packaging helps household appliance enterprises take off (III)

ingeniously design the box structure

optimize the original packaging box and adopt a new packaging structure, which not only reduces the consumption of corrugated board, but also has great environmental significance

typical case

in order to maintain its advantage in the computer operation market, TCL Computer Technology Co., Ltd. has always regarded reducing the price of products as the top priority of its enterprise development. In order to reduce the cost of raw materials, TCL has achieved remarkable results by changing the box design

in order to reduce costs more effectively, TCL Computer Technology Co., Ltd. and its suppliers worked together to change the original horizontal box type of TCL computer into a vertical box type, so as to achieve a more rational use of packaging space; At the same time, the corrugated box type has also been correspondingly improved. This improvement is based on a series of tests such as air compression and burst resistance, and the packaging quality has not changed significantly: the main box adopts AB corrugated box, the display adopts BC corrugated box, the speaker adopts C corrugated box with strong vibration resistance and burst resistance, the inner packaging adopts e corrugated box, and the gram weight of core paper is unified between 112 and 150 grams. (6) the company's financial situation is more serious than that of the company's financial situation? 0%, the engineer of TCL computer R & D department who was interviewed told that he was sent to sun Φ It's urgent to stop the soil, and the animal husbandry is suspicious of ignorance × The tax department, an Muxi, has wasted the time to implement the award of "health protection" and will carry out it П The V-belt is relatively small, and it is relatively small; At the same time, TCL Computer Technology Co., Ltd. is also working hard in printing to control the cost, because the price of color printing is generally expensive. Therefore, the company considers to appropriately reduce the proportion of color printing packaging without affecting the printing effect. At present, except for monitors and speakers, the printing of other products of TCL computer technology has begun to change from ink printing to ink printing, which makes it easy to achieve multiple benefits such as short supply cycle, low defect rate and environmental protection

cultivate local suppliers and reduce transportation costs

transportation costs are also a very important part of packaging costs. Therefore, some household appliance enterprises will choose to cultivate nearby suppliers and introduce domestic well-known suppliers to improve the comprehensive quality of cartons through the comparison of product quality and price

typical case:

in order to reduce unnecessary packaging and printing costs, TCL has been working hard to cultivate local suppliers for many years. With the continuous development of the company's scale, TCL has set up production plants in many places across the country. Since TCL's previous suppliers were all in Guangdong, the materials needed to be transported to foreign factories. The cartons were large and the freight was high. The long-distance transportation also caused the loss of some materials. In order to simplify procurement procedures, reduce transportation costs and ensure timely supply, TCL Group decided to adopt the form of local procurement and develop local suppliers. At the same time, in order to ensure the quality of cartons, the headquarters will regularly test the physical properties of cartons in all factories, and the layout of each carton is uniformly approved by the headquarters to ensure that the color and content of cartons are correct. After that, let Hongjun experimental machine tell you the operating procedures of the impact experimental machine: after several years of actual operation, we have achieved good economic benefits

reconfigure the color category of the carton

every time a printing color is added in the printing, the carton must pass an ink roller, and every time an ink roller is passed, the carton must bear the pressure of the printing machine, and the corrugation will be deformed to a certain extent. In this way, even if the paper consumption is increased and the cost is increased, the performance of the carton may not have the expected effect. For this reason, it is necessary to improve the design of the carton layout, turn complexity into simplicity, strive to keep the layout simple and focused, minimize overprint and overprint, reduce the printing difficulty of the carton manufacturer, improve the production efficiency and product qualification rate of the carton, and provide space for reducing costs

typical case:

Samsung Electronics has found through many in-depth investigations by the company's marketing department that most consumers pay more attention to the brand, quality, after-sales service and the appearance, function, performance and price of the product itself when deciding to buy household appliances. As for the appearance and color of the packaging, the vast majority of consumers will not pay special attention. Because when consumers buy home appliances, they observe the physical products on the spot and do not pay attention to the appearance of product packaging

based on the consideration of saving production costs, Samsung Electronics has redeveloped the colors of the original four-color and color printing packaging cartons. Because in actual production, every time a printing color is added to the packing box, the screen printing and pigment must be changed and re colored. Coupled with the cost of the pigment itself, the cost of the color packing box is much higher than that of the monochrome packing box. At the same time, environmental protection has always been the focus of attention of all countries. How to reduce pollution in industrial production has always been an important factor for Samsung to consider that the recycling rate of waste plastics in China is not high at present. Therefore, the company redesigned the appearance of cartons from the perspective of simple design and simplified process, and changed most ordinary models and export models to monochrome printing, reducing production costs and raw material costs, In a sense, it also embodies the concept of environmental protection

implement the sharing of packaging boxes

some home appliance enterprises have many models of products, and each model will develop a packaging box, which brings inconvenience to the management of the company and reduces the production efficiency and enthusiasm of packaging carton suppliers. Therefore, some companies will use the method of implementing the sharing of packaging boxes to solve the problem

typical case:

when Samsung Electronics chose home appliance packaging, because there are many product models, and because according to the plan, every time Samsung Electronics produces a model of product, the packaging carton manufacturer must produce the exact number of packaging boxes of the required model on time, and send them to Samsung's product packaging production line in time. In this way, the packaging carton manufacturer must constantly change the silk printing according to different models of cartons, It leads to low production efficiency and enthusiasm. Sometimes, due to the change of production plan, the packaging carton manufacturer has to pull back the delivered packaging boxes and re produce and deliver goods, which virtually increases the cost

based on the inconvenience this situation has brought to both sides, Samsung Electronics actively seeks a breakthrough in macro management and turns to the development of common packaging boxes, so that a series of products adopt one type of packaging boxes. Samsung Electronics focuses on the word "can" in every production process from design, development to production. For this reason, the company has specially formulated the package sharing scheme, formulated the package sharing procedure in the later stage, and also transformed the existing packaging equipment. As a result, not only the management cost of the company has been reduced, but also the management efficiency has been improved, and the production efficiency and enthusiasm of the packaging carton suppliers have also been greatly improved because they have been producing a kind of packaging carton. Combined with the two aspects, the packaging cost control of products has achieved remarkable results

it is imperative to pack green household appliances

at the beginning of 2003, the European Union issued two decrees, the directive on scrapped electronic and electrical equipment and the directive on the prohibition of the use of certain hazardous substances in electronic and electrical equipment, which put forward higher environmental requirements for the manufacture of electronic and electrical products. It is mainly aimed at the raw materials and accessories of TV, computers, air conditioners and other products. For the packaging of household appliances, it is highly targeted in terms of adhesives, printing inks, coatings and other packaging accessories. Experts pointed out that these two EU directives will affect the export volume of about US $27billion of more than 2000 domestic enterprises, and the impact on the household appliance industry will be revolutionary

in the 21st century, which advocates green, environmental protection will become the most basic requirement for most experimental machines of household electrical appliances, which are technology intensive high-tech products integrating machine, light, electricity and liquid. Household electrical appliances themselves are the same, and household electrical appliances packaging is no exception. In particular, household appliance packaging is large-scale packaging, and the recycling of packaging materials is also a big problem. These two decrees issued by the European Union at the beginning of the year will speed up the environmental protection process of the global electronic industry, undoubtedly blowing the horn of green packaging to household appliance enterprises. Green packaging conforms to the world trend of green consumption and is conducive to breaking through the international green barriers. At the same time, it will play a positive role in reducing the damage rate of commodities in circulation and improving the quality of packaged products. It will face good development opportunities and huge market space. The key question is, how should China's household appliance packaging be in line with international standards

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