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Packaging industry: from big to strong (Part 2)

Third, the cost of packaging products is high, which has a great impact on the competitiveness of goods. Backward equipment will inevitably affect the quality of packaging products, increase the cost of packaging products, thus affecting the competitiveness of our goods, increasing the burden on consumers. In modern commodity production, the packaging cost often has a decisive impact on the price of commodities, especially low-value commodities such as food, beverages, daily chemical products, pharmaceuticals and other ordinary consumers' daily needs. The packaging cost often reaches 30% - 70% of the commodity cost. Therefore, there is still a huge space to improve the equipment of packaging enterprises, form large-scale production capacity, and reduce the cost of packaging products

fourth, there is a serious shortage of packaging management and technical personnel, and the technological innovation ability of enterprises is poor

fifth, the macro management of packaging production needs to be strengthened urgently, and the laws and regulations related to packaging are seriously insufficient. Packaging regulations should be established and improved as soon as possible

at present, all developed countries have a set of regulations, standards and product certification systems related to packaging from the perspective of protecting the interests of consumers, resources and the environment, and continue to introduce new regulations. If our export commodities fail to comply with its laws and regulations and product certification system, and lack of strong policy intervention and administrative punishment means, it will cause illegal production of packaging products to a considerable extent, damage the interests of consumers, and cause serious environmental pollution and waste of resources. Therefore, it is urgent to establish and improve the corresponding regulations of packaging in China as soon as possible, guide packaging enterprises to produce according to regulations and standards, and implement the compulsory certification system for product packaging that will also provide an inexhaustible driving force for the extruder industry and involve the safety of people's lives

(I) pay close attention to the intensive integration of small and medium-sized packaging enterprises and implement the "joint development" strategy

it is urgent for China's packaging enterprises to implement intensive integration, joint development and operate according to the modern enterprise system. At the same time, we should pay attention to promoting the development of "specialization, refinement, specialty and innovation" among small and medium-sized enterprises

(II) strengthen efforts to establish China's green packaging industry system and speed up the process of integrating with international standards. Attaching importance to environmental performance and giving full play to green packaging has become an inevitable trend of packaging reform in the world, which is also a fundamental measure to deal with technical barriers, environmental barriers and quarantine and inspection rules in various countries. To develop green packaging, we should now focus on the following main links

1. Vigorously develop green packaging materials

2. Vigorously promote cleaner production

3. Vigorously implement the recycling of packaging waste

4. Accelerate the process of integrating with international standards. First, promote international standards in the packaging industry and eliminate non-standard production. Packaging enterprises should strive to pass the packaging product certification and ISO9000, ISO14000 certification, and promote the application of two-dimensional code, so as to improve the competitiveness of China's packaging products in the international market as soon as possible

(III) revitalize the packaging equipment manufacturing industry

(IV) under the framework of WTO rules, industry associations should play a greater role in safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises

after joining the world trade organization, China's import and export trade affairs need to operate under the promised WTO rules, and industry associations will play an increasingly important role, especially in the aspects of dumping and anti-dumping, subsidies and countervailing, and trade barriers in import and export trade. The state should actively support industry associations to participate in the formulation of China's laws and regulations related to industry development, such as packaging law, packaging waste management law and other green environmental protection regulations; The industry association is authorized to make statistics on the production, import and export of the industry, formulate the development plan of the industry, participate in or organize negotiations on trade disputes, etc., so that the industry association can play a greater role in safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and national interests

the implementation of the above measures to cope with China's entry into WTO is actually a major adjustment to China's packaging industry in terms of scale, system and structure, so as to promote the development of the whole industry. In order to facilitate the smooth progress of these adjustments, it is necessary to gather the scattered information, R & D, manufacturing, circulation, education and other forces in the packaging industry to form a joint force, and then radiate and spread to the whole industry. The approval of the World Packaging Organization to build an Asian packaging center in China just provides us with such a curve comparison; An opportunity to build such a "aircraft carrier" and world-class brand in China's packaging industry will greatly promote the reform and development of China's packaging industry and make China's packaging industry occupy a place on the stage of the world's packaging army. The establishment of the sub packaging center plays an important role in several aspects:

first, China's packaging industry is intensively integrated to form a scale and play a driving role

second, it plays a prominent role in promoting the technological innovation of China's packaging industry and improving the level of technical equipment

third, play a leading role in building China's green packaging industry system

fourth, the base should play a "platform" role in import and export trade, innovative talent training and information resources

in order to build the sub Contracting Center and make it play a role, it mainly depends on market operation, but it also requires the state to give support to the enterprises with high loss risk, and the relevant central departments and local governments to give corresponding policies. The association will play a guiding role in the industry, give full play to the strength of the whole industry, mobilize the strength of the whole society, vigorously improve the investment environment and attract domestic and foreign investment. At present. The leading group for the construction of the Asian packaging center has been established by the bank and will start implementation after formulating specific development plans

with the rapid development of China's economy, the world manufacturing center is gradually transferring to China, and some world industry centers and international organizations will also settle in China. The industry should make joint efforts to build an "aircraft carrier" for China's packaging industry and promote China to move forward from a big packaging country to a powerful packaging country

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