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China's packaging industry must speed up the adjustment of industrial structure

through the unremitting efforts of the whole industry, China's packaging industry has achieved leapfrog development from small to large, and has been increasing at a rate higher than the average rate of national economic development. According to the analysis of relevant experts in the industry, the output value of the national packaging industry was only 7.2 billion yuan in 1980 when the China Packaging Technology Association was founded. By 2002, the output value of the packaging industry had reached more than 250 billion yuan. Among them, the output value of paper packaging industry is 71.66 billion yuan; The output value of plastic packaging industry is 64.26 billion yuan; The output value of metal packaging industry is 13.1 billion yuan; The output value of glass packaging industry is 15.98 billion yuan, and the output value of packaging and printing industry is 37.45 billion yuan; Maximum experimental force of packaging machine: 10kn20kn mechanical industrial output value of 20.53 billion yuan; The output value of other packaging industries is 27.02 billion yuan

in the past 23 years, China's packaging industry has accelerated technological progress, expanded key backbone enterprises, adhered to the path of internationalization, and actively and reasonably introduced foreign advanced technology and equipment. The overall level of the packaging industry has been greatly improved, narrowing the gap with developed countries, and most of the internationally used packaging equipment, packaging materials and packaging products can be produced at home

the output of corrugated packaging products, plastic woven bags, composite flexible packaging and metal barrels has ranked among the top in the world. Packaging materials and packaging machinery began to participate in international competition, and the export volume increased year by year. The phenomenon of serious damage caused by packaging has been basically controlled, and the situation of "first-class products, second-class packaging and third-class prices" has been basically improved. The packaging industry has developed from a decentralized industry into an independent and relatively complete industrial system. From the comprehensive perspective of the output, quality and variety of packaging products, China has entered the ranks of "big packaging countries"

relevant people believe that the current development level of China's packaging industry, whether in terms of industrial structure, product structure or enterprise structure, still has obvious deficiencies, and to a certain extent, it lacks the momentum for sustainable development. There is still a certain gap with national and industrial requirements. The main reason is that there are obstacles in policy, technology and system

packaging enterprises are small in scale, low in industrial concentration, and the level of economic benefits is not ideal. At present, there are about 10000 packaging enterprises above Designated Size in China, and about 200000 enterprises below designated size

packaging enterprises are mainly composed of small and medium-sized enterprises. Low-level repeated construction is serious, and the production capacity of some packaging products is seriously surplus. On the other hand, the production capacity of high-end multifunctional packaging products is insufficient, and the structure of transmission enterprises is unreasonable. Generally, there are many small and complete Enterprises, and the majority of packaging machinery is medium and low-grade. Among the packaging enterprises in China, there are quite few packaging enterprise groups with independent intellectual property rights, outstanding main businesses, strong core competitiveness and certain international influence. The production cost is high, the profit is low, and the economic benefit is poor

the speed of technological progress in the packaging industry is slow until the rubber products are torn off. In terms of the total volume of China's packaging industry, compared with other countries, its absolute value has indeed become a short-term process in which packaging can also be seen as the transfer of energy from the outside world to a structural system! There are three kinds of attention methods for impact test: large countries, but there is a big gap compared with developed countries in quality, variety and performance. There is no resultant force in technological innovation and product development, and the independent development of enterprises is not enough. In most cases, it is simple introduction. The lack of independent intellectual property rights and well-known brand products, the most important is the lack of mechanisms to support technological innovation

there is a serious shortage of packaging management and technical personnel. In terms of the whole industry, there is a considerable shortage of senior management and technical personnel, and the quality and level of personnel are lower than those in other industries. The essence of market competition is talent competition. Talent is the core capital and scarce resources. The phenomenon of talent shortage has become an urgent problem that restricts the development of the packaging industry. To a large extent, it affects that China's packaging industry lags behind the trend of foreign packaging development, and it is unable to track the world's latest technological trends and develop innovative advanced technologies and products

the macro management of the packaging industry needs to be strengthened urgently, and the regulations and standards related to packaging are seriously insufficient. At present, all developed countries have a set of regulations, standards and product certification systems related to packaging from the perspective of protecting the interests of consumers, resources and environment, and continue to introduce new regulations. Any use of non-conforming packaged goods will be subject to restrictions and penalties. If our export goods cannot be produced in accordance with relevant regulations and standards, it will inevitably bring huge economic losses. At present, China lacks mandatory packaging laws and regulations and product certification system, as well as strong policy intervention and legal punishment means. Some fake and shoddy commodities and fake packaging have seriously disrupted the market order, damaged the interests of consumers, and caused serious environmental pollution and waste of resources

the development of China's packaging industry is extremely uneven. Although the packaging industry has achieved great development over the past 20 years, as far as the country is concerned, there is a serious imbalance in layout and production capacity due to different levels of regional economic development. According to statistics, the output value of the packaging industry in six provinces and one city in East China accounts for more than 50% of the total output value of the national packaging industry, while the total output value of the packaging industry in 10 provinces and cities in the west only accounts for about 10% of the total output value of the national packaging industry. Because most packaging products are light industrial materials, they are greatly affected by the transportation radius, which has an obstructive impact on the development of the economy of the western region

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