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Packaging industry and compound talents (I)

modern packaging has comprehensive functions such as effective protection of commodities, convenient storage and transportation, and promotion of sales. Commodities show their personality and style through packaging. The United States, Germany, Japan and other economically developed countries attach great importance to commodity packaging, and packaging education has also developed rapidly. Since the 1980s, China has actively learned from the experience of the United States, Germany, Japan and other developed countries in cultivating packaging engineering scientific and technological talents, combined with the needs and development of China's packaging industry, explored a multi-level and multi-form packaging education system suitable for China's higher education system, trained a large number of packaging scientific and technological talents, and basically alleviated the urgent demand of the packaging industry for packaging scientific and technological talents. At the same time, the output value of China's packaging industry has increased by an average of 15% per year, which is higher than the growth rate of 40 major industries in the national economy, and has ranked 14th. It has effectively promoted the accumulation of social material and spiritual wealth, and is known as a sunrise industry

looking back on the 20th century, China's packaging education has gone through a difficult process and achieved fruitful results. The launch of the new century education project has brought greater opportunities and more severe challenges to higher education. In the face of fierce educational competition, packaging education should be based on the characteristics and development direction of the packaging industry, adhere to the fundamental purpose of providing intellectual resources for the packaging industry, actively promote professional construction, and cultivate compound talents suitable for the development needs of modern packaging industry

1 overview of the development of China's packaging industry

after the Second World War, the packaging industry developed rapidly in the United States, Germany, Japan and other economically developed countries, in addition to obtaining new recycled plastics from existing plastics. Since the 1980s, China's packaging industry has also made great progress. The economic benefits of loss reduction, efficiency increase and cost saving obtained through packaging improvement every year are about 5billion yuan. It undertakes the packaging task of industrial and agricultural products of more than 300 billion yuan and export commodities of more than 100 billion US dollars. It plays an important supporting role in the development of the national economy for industrial and agricultural products, light industrial products, food, beverages, electromechanical products and other industries

2 characteristics and development direction of China's packaging industry

(1) relatively large specifications, complete categories and varieties. The packaging industry mainly covers the following six areas:

* paper products packaging, such as cartons, cartons, paper bags, paper cups, paper cans

* flexible packaging, such as plastic, plastic/plastic, paper/plastic/, paper/plastic/aluminum foil

* metal container packaging, such as metal cans, barrels, hoses

* glass container packaging, such as bottles and cans

* plastic product packaging, such as PET bottles, foaming buffer packaging materials

* collective packaging, such as wooden cases, pallets, containers, container bags, etc

(2) a relatively complete packaging and printing industry has been formed, which can provide supporting services for light industry, food, beverage, medicine, household appliances, health products, cosmetics, new products, toys, clothing and other industries, and has a certain competitiveness in the international market. At present, there are about 6000 packaging and printing enterprises above the county level in China, and the output value increases at an average rate of 10% every year

(3) the development of packaging industry should be coordinated with environmental protection. With the further development and improvement of modern packaging, green packaging has received widespread attention. Human beings are actively seeking to make full use of renewable resources, save natural resources and reduce energy consumption under the premise of not polluting the environment and maintaining human health, so as to obtain a virtuous cycle between packaging and the environment. The "green engineering plan" being implemented in China puts forward green requirements for product packaging, and pays special attention to the promotion of green packaging materials, which are the characterization and application of the resistance of metals to micro or small amount of plastic deformation, and the recycling, treatment and reuse of packaging waste

(4) anti counterfeit packaging technology is highly valued by society and industry. Fake and inferior products flood the market, seriously disrupting the market order of fair competition, and are the second largest public hazard in the world after drug trafficking. Anti counterfeiting packaging technology is an important means to protect the safe production and circulation of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, food, cosmetics and other commodities

looking at the characteristics and development direction of China's packaging industry, it is obvious that the packaging industry is a cross industry emerging industry with a wide coverage, and there is a great demand for compound talents who systematically master modern packaging technology. Therefore, China's packaging education should be based on the characteristics and development trend of modern packaging industry, adhere to the fundamental purpose of providing intellectual resources for the packaging industry, further enrich and improve the theoretical system of packaging discipline, broaden professional construction ideas, optimize curriculum and teaching content, and cultivate compound talents to meet the development needs of modern packaging industry

3 strengthen packaging and printing, expand packaging design, cultivate packaging management, and highlight professional characteristics

the packaging discipline is a comprehensive discipline in the interdisciplinary group. It studies the basic theories and methods of protecting commodities, facilitating storage and transportation, and promoting sales, carries out visual, functional, and green packaging design of products from the perspective of system engineering, and solves the comprehensive problems in the circulation process of product protection, storage and transportation, and promoting sales, This is the characteristic and source of life of this discipline

the major of packaging engineering cultivates senior engineering and technical personnel who master the basic theory and basic skills of packaging to protect products, facilitate circulation and promote sales, have the design and management ability of packaging system, and can be engaged in packaging design, packaging and printing, quality inspection, technical management and scientific research in packaging enterprises, packaging and printing enterprises, scientific research institutions, foreign trade, commodity inspection, commodity production and circulation and other departments. (to be continued)

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