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Singapore dada packaging group will spend 14million yuan to expand its Chinese plant

Lu sipang: the group has never lost money in the past 25 years and has made profits every year. This year is no exception

the Tat Seng packaging group will spend 14million yuan (s $2.92 million) to expand its Chinese plant in two phases within this half year

at that time, white pollution will be eliminated, and the total capacity of Suzhou plant will increase fourfold when it is achieved but it is difficult for everyone to use it, and the maximum capacity per month can reach 8000 tons. The above investment does not include machinery and equipment, because the group is still negotiating the purchase agreement, and the results should be available at the end of next month

Lu sipang, chairman of dada packaging group, recently revealed that the group's annual performance for the fiscal year ending at the end of this month is expected to reach the expected level, which is similar to that of the fiscal year

he said that the group has never lost money in the past 25 years and has made profits every year, and this year is no exception. At present, the Chinese market accounts for half of the group's business, and the other half comes from local sources. However, the proportion of Chinese business is likely to increase in the future

Dacheng packaging group began to enter China eight years ago. At that time, although it did not lack orders locally, it still prepared for a rainy day and set up a factory in Suzhou. At that time, China business accounted for only 10% of the group

Lu sipang said that China's business does not worry about orders, so the group pays more attention to quality than weight. It must measure the problem of collection before taking orders; "We need to choose the right customers. We can't eat hot meals until they are cold, so as to avoid burning their throats."

the customers reached are engaged in all walks of life, mainly large multinational groups such as Baxter, Matsushita, Siemens, etc., and the rest are local famous manufacturers in China. The second and third phase plants will be fully automated, while the existing plants are only semi automated

asked about the impact of Shas, Lu sipang revealed that the group's China business remained at last year's level, while its Singapore business was not affected, but its turnover and profits increased

in business, he advocated foresight, vision, courage and perseverance. He frankly said that he "met Shas without seeking advice. In fact, he should 'thank' Shas". This anti epidemic war made him optimistic about the return of some overseas investors to Singapore and diversify investment risks, on the other hand, he was still optimistic and confident about the Chinese market

the floor area of the Singapore plant is about 18000 square meters, and there are about 130 employees. After the expansion of the Chinese factory, the total floor area will reach 38000 square meters, with about 250 employees. As the plant moves towards full automation, the group considers reducing non-technical employees and introducing high-level knowledge, N - the total number of revolutions of the disc during the experiment (5000 revolutions); Skilled employees

the group plans to use internal funds to implement the above investments

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