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Packaging has a special intention to turn agricultural products into fashion gifts

with its unique geographical advantages and resources, almost every region in Yunnan has a number of famous characteristic agricultural products, which have a certain reputation in the market and become a hot commodity in the gift market, thus directly increasing the income of local farmers. In the Agricultural Expo 2, there are many agricultural product gift enterprises in terms of yield strength, and some of them develop their own bases to produce and sell one-stop; Some are preparing to build brands and integrate sales; Some become buyers of characteristic agricultural products, and the products are expensive after processing

popular gift agricultural products

gift agricultural products are no longer a song at the Agricultural Expo. The innovative cooperation mode of rebuilding fabrics in the clothing and footwear industry is high and low. Gift boxes and equipment of various products have attracted everyone's attention, and many of them are the first time to meet citizens through the agricultural Expo

like fresh mango juice, it's smoother to drink with milk! In front of the Xuelan milk booth, many citizens stopped to listen attentively to the salesperson's explanation. According to the relevant person in charge of Xuelan milk, mango milk is a new product of Xuelan milk. It has been highly praised by consumers since its debut at the Expo. In addition to the fresh taste of milk and mango, it is also convenient to give it away after being packaged in a gift box

in addition, the gift box of blueberries, a small box of 30 yuan, although the price is not low, people who can buy it are also in an endless stream; Organic rice is the darling of the gift market, and special rice from Wenshan and Banna is the most popular; Dendrobium officinale, Gastrodia elata and Panax notoginseng are more and more buyers in the health gift market

the recognized gift market is close to agricultural products

in 2013, personalized customized organic agricultural products gifts have become increasingly popular. Ms. Li, a citizen, told that every Mid Autumn Festival, she and her familiar friends would walk around each other. In the past, large chemical fiber materials have gradually moved from traditional conventional synthetic fibers to high-end, functional and intelligent chemical fiber new materials. All families send moon cakes. After the Mid Autumn Festival, they simply can't eat them up, causing a lot of waste. This year, friends began to give gift boxes of agricultural products, which are fresh and practical, which makes everyone happy to accept this gift

wangrongqing, the head of Xishuangbanna Yexiang Grain Development Co., Ltd., told that everyone is very interested in the quality and safety of rice that they eat almost every day. 2. The cross beam operation of plastic tensile testing machine is checked, and the organic rice produced in Banna is both nutritious and safe. The company's various rice gift boxes are selling well. Not only many local consumers in Banna buy them, but also many orders from Kunming make the enterprise's products in short supply

tap potential agricultural products gift market space is large

at the Agricultural Expo, many enterprises launched gift packed agricultural products, and some enterprises specializing in the sales of agricultural products gifts pack common products with unique ideas. Primary agricultural products have made a total of three turns from the origin to the store and then to the customer's table, and the gross profit is still good. According to insiders, taking organic vegetables as an example, excluding transportation and packaging, the profit of products after sales can reach 30% to 50%; At the same time, the sales volume is increasing by at least 20% every year

an insider told that at present, Yunnan agricultural products gifts are still in the low-level stage in China, but there are countless resources that can be developed in the province. As long as we make rational use of Yunnan's green resources, the development space of this industry is still extremely huge

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