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Packaging factories have achieved remarkable results in implementing the new process of bare packaging

how to make products more competitive in the market? Henan Pingdingshan Tianying group packaging factory closely focuses on the idea of a game of chess for the whole factory strategy, breaks the traditional packaging convention based on the post, seeks benefits from advanced technology, and vigorously promotes the new process of bare packaging, which greatly reduces the product cost and improves the market competitiveness. At present, the three new products that are being put into bare packaging can save nearly 1million yuan in raw materials, processing and packaging costs for Tianying group every year

Tianying group packaging plant is the last production process of Tianying group, which is responsible for the packaging tasks of the whole plant, such as inhalation products and spare parts. For a long time, this factory has followed the traditional packaging method in production. No matter the size of the product, a complete packaging box should be designed to organize production. With the increasingly fierce competition in China's high-voltage electrical appliances market, the price of each product will be determined by the market. In order to reduce the cost of products and increase economic benefits, the technicians of the packaging factory try to find a breakthrough in the improvement of product packaging according to the different characteristics and technical requirements of each product

they first worked with Fang Qichun, one of the designers of zf5-110 type totally enclosed combined electrical appliances, to implement the whole bare package of the Z-type circuit breaker in the combined electrical appliances in May, 1998, that is, to discard the overall outer packing box of the product and its components and accessories, fix it with a square, and then transport it with the combined electrical appliances from Pingdingshan City to the substation of Yingkou Power Supply Bureau, Liaoning Province, so the workers can see the ground from all, After a long bumpy journey, I was still safe and sound. After arriving at the site for installation and commissioning, all inspection indicators passed the test. The success of bare packaging for the first time has strengthened their confidence in vigorously promoting bare packaging products. At the beginning of 2000, the technicians of the packaging plant put the antenna of the bare package on the GW series disconnector. The newly developed gw7-220 disconnector has a simple overall structure and is composed of steel parts in many places, which is very suitable for the characteristics of the bare package

in order to solve the collision and open-air corrosion of some vulnerable parts, they gathered these parts into a large simple packaging box, which is easy to operate, safe and reliable, and is highly praised by the packaging staff. After the Spring Festival this year, they concentrated on gw4a-220 disconnectors and learned from the bare package experience of gw7-220 products. After more than a month of hard research, it finally passed the bare package test. Each product can save more than 1000 yuan in material cost, reduce labor intensity and improve production cycle. It is understood that this new process has been put into the packaging production of 50 products of Tianying group in March. It is understood that the technical team of Tianying group packaging plant has analyzed and summarized the achievements of bare packaging of products, so as to further improve and improve the new bare packaging process of products

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