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There is a mystery in the packaging. In the past, it was troublesome to mail product samples, mainly because the samples were difficult to fix, and the fixings were often not ideal. Now the "bubble machine" has solved this problem, providing a great deal of good news for product suppliers, especially for units that often provide samples of new products. Popom is an advanced packaging technology with complete and detailed work plan introduced by Shanghai Wujing Technology Co., Ltd. from abroad. It is mainly used for mailing and express delivery of various liquid and fragile samples, which can effectively prevent samples from accidental damage during operation and improve corporate image. According to experts from China epoxy resin industry association, the whole process of packaging with a bubble machine takes only 5 minutes, which is fast and safe. The main steps are: prepare a carton of appropriate size, open the bubble machine and fill the bottom of the carton with a thickness of 20mm, load the sealed samples into the carton, and fill the carton with a bubble machine. It must be noted that some samples will dissolve foam materials, and the inner packaging container must be tight; Predict whether the bubble liquid is enough and try to form it at one time; The injection can only be started after the bubble machine is preheated. Shanghai Wujing Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of epoxy curing agent, said Wang Wanjie, director of the raw material industry department of Shandong Provincial Commission of economy and information technology. Customers often ask for samples for trial use, and have been worried about packaging samples. This advanced technology has been introduced from abroad

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