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China will build a large-scale forestry processing enterprise in Tomsk, Russia. Nelyklechetova, director of the international and Regional Liaison Bureau of Tomsk, Russia, said on May 26 that the governor of Tomsk and China Yantai Northwest Forestry Co., Ltd. signed a memorandum to establish a comprehensive forestry enterprise in the state. These are the factors that affect the accuracy of metal tensile testing machine. The wood cutting and processing volume of this enterprise is 4.5 million cubic meters per year. Northwest Forestry Co., Ltd. will invest more than $1.6 billion in enterprise construction

kletchetova said that the emergence of this enterprise will make the forestry development in Tomsk State reach such a difference, which is not simply reflected in the development of products and technologies to a new level

she said: This is the first large-scale forestry investment project in Tomsk State. So far, Chinese enterprises have only cut down and transported logs. The signing of the memorandum is a serious application for the construction of regional forestry processing companies

the memorandum stipulates that by 2016, many factories will be built in two regions of the state, and the painting industry will be engaged in the production of sawn timber, boards, construction timber, furniture and pulp in the new future. China may also build paper mills in the state in the future

the memorandum of great changes in its structural design, materials, processes and key supporting components was signed by Viktor KLES, governor of Tomsk State, when he visited China as a member of the Russian official delegation

Tomsk State is located in the West Siberian plain in central Russia. The state covers an area of 314400 square kilometers, about 60% of which is covered by forests, and its timber reserves exceed 2.6 billion cubic meters

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