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Willful? 1600 general airports will be built nationwide in the next 15 years? In the next 15 years, 1600 general airports will be built nationwide. Li Jiaxiang, director of Civil Aviation Administration of China, said during this year's "two sessions" that China has 2800 counties. If we can achieve one general airport for each county, it will be a huge economic growth point to drive infrastructure construction. According to the report, this means that the blueprint of "county to county connection" of general airports in more than 2800 counties in China has officially surfaced

such a large-scale construction concept has attracted widespread attention: will the construction of general airport usher in a blowout? Do 2800 counties have the construction needs of navigable airports? Will there be a wave of investment boom? Where does the money come from? It is understood that Li Jiaxiang made this speech at the "love flying passengers" event held by AVIC, but he did not talk about the specific plan

in the "general airport layout plan" compiled by the Civil Aviation Administration, it is proposed that the total number of general airports will exceed 2000 by 2030. At the provincial and municipal level, including Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Jiangxi, Chongqing, etc., general airport plans have been proposed or even promulgated. In addition to the existing airports, 1600 general airports are expected to be built in the country in the next 15 years

for this reason, last year, the Civil Aviation Administration delegated the approval authority of general airports to provincial and municipal civil aviation local administrations to "loosen" the approval of airports, and said that it was still studying policies on flight regulations, funds and so on. However, insiders in the general aviation industry reminded that although the construction threshold is reduced and the potential is huge, the general airport still faces a series of problems such as airspace restrictions and financial constraints in the near future

the number of navigable airports lags behind that of the United States

Li Jiaxiang introduced the concept of county to county airports at the night of the "love flying passengers" two sessions held by AVIC on March 11. Li Jiaxiang said that if each county builds a general airport, it is 2800 general airports. An airport is 2800 kilometers per kilometer. The investment of 100 million yuan per kilometer is 280billion yuan. Together with the construction of other supporting facilities, it is a huge economic growth point to drive infrastructure construction

does China really need so many general airports? Where does the capital come from? This news has aroused many doubts

however, according to the content of the speech seen by the author, Li Jiaxiang did not mention that these more than 2800 airports have specific plans, but emphasized the broad prospects of navigation construction. It is understood that the number of national general airports mentioned by the Civil Aviation Administration in the "general airport layout plan" is actually about 2000, but the deadline of this plan is to 2030, that is, 15 years

at present, the number of general airports in China is not large. According to the China Statistical Yearbook, there were 2853 county-level administrative divisions (including municipal districts and county-level cities) in China in 2013, but there were only 399 general airports and temporary takeoff and landing points in the same year. According to Li Jiaxiang, there are only 78 truly decent general airports. If the existing take-off and landing points are included, according to the above plan, more than 1600 general airports will need to be built in the country in the next 15 years, with an average of more than 100 new airports each year

the number of general airports in the United States is dozens or even hundreds of times that of China. On the night of the two sessions of "love flying passengers", Peng Jianwu, chairman of AVIC southern aviation industry Co., Ltd., quoted data to say that at present, the total number of general airports in the United States is about 20000. The relevant person in charge of silk wing airlines, which is engaged in cross-border aviation mergers and acquisitions, gave more than 19000 data, but only more than 500 of them were open to the public. Except for 378 airports with an annual passenger volume of more than 100000 passengers, the rest are regarded as general airports, which are used for medical rescue, military and police law enforcement, official tourism, agricultural and forestry development, basic travel and other needs, and the navigation industry accounts for 1% of the annual GDP of the United States

the gap between the two countries makes civil aviation people, including Li Jiaxiang, believe that China's general airport and navigation industry have great potential, but this has not been fully recognized. The relevant person in charge of silk wing Airlines mentioned that 3300 of the more than 5000 airports open to the public in the United States are completely funded by the government

there are still obstacles in the construction of navigation

last year, when the State Council revised the catalogue of a number of investment projects approved by the government that have achieved good results, it delegated the construction right of general airports to local governments. At present, if investors want to build a general airport, they only need the approval of the local government at the provincial and municipal level, and the site selection can be reviewed only with the consent of the county government. Earlier, the task approval of general aviation aircraft has been delegated to the local administration of civil aviation to a certain extent

the policy is gradually relaxed. Many enterprises are interested in the construction of general airport. AVIC's "aifeike" project includes the construction of core flight areas and runways. At present, the company has signed encouraging cooperation agreements with 19 cities across the country

the investment boom has been reflected in the increased construction of navigable airports of different levels by investors

an expert in the civil aviation industry said that according to the level of general airports, the construction investment of airports also varies. The classification initially followed the standards of passenger airports, setting the aircraft area level, runway facility level and airport fire protection level. However, last year, local civil aviation administrations began to agree to try out standards specifically for general airports. The author found that general airport runways with 800 to 1000 meters are relatively common, and the announced investment of such airports is mostly between several hundred million yuan and two or three billion yuan

the amount of investment varies, due to the different requirements of different levels for airport construction. According to a person from a general aviation company in Shanghai, unlike the temporary takeoff and landing points, a well-equipped general airport may need a series of facilities such as runways, security checks, oil supply, security, fire protection, rescue, logistics, maintenance, maintenance and office and living areas. "Although the scale is far less than that of a large passenger airport, it still needs a lot of supporting construction"

however, the author understands that the "general airport layout plan" has not been issued yet, and it is impossible to determine the degree of refinement of more than 2000 general airport plans to which counties have distribution points. For such a large-scale plan, the source of construction funds is not clear. In the case of "love flying passengers", AVIC tried to jointly invest in the construction of a general airport with the local government, and has been supported by bank loans

in terms of the return on investment, which has driven the development of the auto parts industry, for the western region dominated by mountains, airport construction may be a transportation mode with higher return on investment than railway construction. However, most of the existing general airports are concentrated in the eastern region. The author found that these airports are more in eastern provinces and cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Liaoning, Shandong, Guangdong, Hainan and Guangdong, while the wider western region is still less

however, these discussions on the construction of general airports depend on the progress of low altitude opening. According to the news of the national low altitude airspace management reform work conference at the end of last year, the pilot of low altitude opening below 1000 meters high will be fully launched this year. Whether this schedule can be fulfilled on time and the degree of liberalization will affect the enthusiasm of general airport construction

in addition, Li Jiaxiang mentioned the lack of talent support. According to the data of the Flight Standards Department of the Civil Aviation Administration, as of the end of last year, there were only 2191 pilots employed by 164 general and small transport airlines in China, which has more than doubled on the basis of 2013

Li Jiaxiang said that at present, a series of issues such as regulations, financial support and preferential policies of general aviation are being studied, hoping to provide more comprehensive support to the general aviation industry. After implementing the special financial subsidy policy for general aviation operating enterprises in 2013, last year, the civil aviation administration again subsidized 210 million yuan to 79 eligible general aviation enterprises, of which 5 enterprises subsidized more than 10 million yuan

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