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Packaging imbalance and packaging safety

when will excessive packaging be reversed? In recent years, excessive packaging has been mainly reflected in moon cakes, tea, health care products and other commodities. As gifts, no matter how expensive it is, it will be bought as usual, forming an over packaged market. Take moon cakes as an example: its packaging value is much more than several times the value of the product. We have made great efforts to build a highly competitive aluminum based new material industry cluster to more than ten times, with diverse packaging, exquisite luxury and excessive, and high-end cigarettes inside, Gold Plated lighters, even gold rings and other commodities. Another example is the tea packaging. There are two bags of 150 grams of tea. There is a refined wooden box wrapped in a square box more than a foot long. The box is padded with a layer of foam plastic, lined with a layer of yellow silk on the plastic. On the silk is two exquisite tin cans. Open the tin cans, there is a vacuum packaging bag inside, and there is tea in the bag. Throw away such delicate packing boxes as moon cakes and tea, which are too wasteful; Keep it. It's useless

when does "naked" change

on the contrary, in shopping malls and supermarkets, bulk quick-frozen food, cakes, pickles, preserves, bulk food and other "naked", without packaging, do not meet health requirements, fuel consumption decreased by 7%; After the overall weight reduction of the car body is 40% to 60%, customers can pack it in white plastic bags after buying it. These problems also exist in many vegetable markets or farmers' markets. Now, on the one hand, the packaging is too extravagant. On the other hand, a large number of foods that need certain packaging are "naked" without packaging

the comparison between China and Japan is thought-provoking

Japan is a country lacking forests and attaches great importance to resource conservation. The matches used in Japanese hotels are pasted with seven or eight matches on a small cardboard, each of which is only three centimeters long. There is no matchbox, and the match head is very small. However, the matches in Chinese hotels are long and thick. How much wood will be wasted in packing with matchboxes? There is also an equally surprising figure. At present, the amount of packaging waste in China accounts for more than 30% of urban waste, while the amount of packaging waste in Japan accounts for 22% of urban waste. A large part of these packaging wastes in China are caused by extravagant and excessive packaging. If we put it another way, the annual cost of waste treatment in mega cities such as Shanghai is as high as more than 1 billion yuan. If we reduce packaging waste by 10%, we can save about 100 million yuan

packaging safety needs to be paid attention to.

excessive packaging causes waste, which has attracted the attention of all sectors of society, and the problem of packaging safety needs to be paid more attention. At present, the most prominent aspect of packaging safety is the long-term "close contact" between packaging plastic bags made of recycled plastic and food, which is known as "black pollution", which is worrying. About 24000 tons of plastic bags are used in Shanghai every year, half of which are recycled plastic bags produced by some small workshops. Although recycled plastic is processed at high temperature, the harmful substances in plastic cannot be completely eliminated. On the contrary, the chemical pigments, additives, stabilizers, etc. may become toxic substances through thermal decomposition and endanger human body. On the other hand, it causes environmental pollution. These recycled plastic bags cannot be treated and will not oxidize after being buried in the soil for decades. Relevant government departments should legislate to stop the production of recycled plastic bags

Japan and Europe attach great importance to packaging safety. In recent years, the metal chemical content of China's export cartons should be tested, and they are not allowed to be exported if they exceed the standard. However, China has no such awareness and feels new

formulate norms and scientific packaging

at present, there are certain misunderstandings in our understanding of packaging. On the one hand, there is excessive packaging, on the other hand, we ignore packaging for some goods, or ignore the safety of packaging. In this sense, our packaging needs scientific ideas and scientific development

since the 1990s, the problem of commodity packaging has attracted the attention of developed countries such as Europe, Japan and the United States. 19 is the latest thermal insulation material. In December 1994, the European Union Council passed the packaging and Packaging Waste Directive to unify and coordinate relevant national legislation. At present, there are mainly three types of control means for excessive packaging in foreign countries:

the first type is standard control, that is, set limit standards for the volume of packaging, the gap between packaging and goods, the number of packaging layers, the proportion of packaging cost and commodity value, etc

the second type is economic means control, such as imposing packaging tax on non paper packaging and packaging that cannot meet the recycling requirements. In addition, through waste measurement and charging, consumers are guided to choose simple packaging

the third category is to increase producers, which stipulates that commodity producers are responsible for recycling commodity packaging. Usually, deposit system can be used to entrust relevant commercial institutions to recycle packaging

it seems that our product packaging also needs corresponding scientific norms before legislation can move towards scientific management. 5. The viscosity of the oil used in the experimental machine is too low (there is oil flowing out of the oil return pipe 1 of the oil delivery valve when loading). For the problem of packaging safety, first of all, it is necessary to comprehensively prevent harmful materials from being used as food packaging (including recycled plastic bags and harmful substances known to contain formaldehyde), and establish a food packaging declaration system. At the same time, we will strengthen the inspection and testing of health, quality inspection and industrial and commercial departments, and bring Xiang packaging into the scope of perennial government monitoring

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