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Packaging industry automated packaging robots become the development direction of the packaging industry

today, with the increasingly fierce competition in the packaging industry at home and abroad, China's packaging industry is developing in the direction of automation. Facing the severe situation, China's packaging industry must improve the technical content of products, take the road of professional development, and rely on technological progress to promote the development of the industry. Facing the future development, automation is the future development trend of China's packaging industry. The Ministry of industry and information technology issued the guiding opinions of the Ministry of industry and information technology on promoting the development of industrial robot industry at the end of last year, which makes us firmly optimistic about the future development of the robot industry in China, and the development prospect is worth looking forward to. With the increasing improvement of food processing technology, the requirements for packaging parameters are increasing, and the application of robot technology in food packaging has increased significantly

the automation level of the food packaging industry continues to improve

the rapid development of the food industry cannot be separated from the help of the packaging industry. Food safety problems occur frequently, and consumers put forward higher requirements for food packaging. The application of packaging robot in food packaging avoids the secondary pollution of food, improves the production efficiency and reduces the enterprise cost, meets the needs of the automation trend of the packaging industry, and also promotes the further improvement of the automation level of the packaging industry

packaging robots become awesome in the packaging industry

packaging robot applications favored packaging robots are mainly used for the handling, loading and unloading and stacking of bulky and bulky objects. The packaging robot is also used for the packaging of clean products that cannot be touched by human body, such as food and drugs, especially biological products, microbial agents and chemical raw materials harmful to human body. With the maturity of robot technology and the realization of industrialization, the application of robots in the field of packaging engineering is becoming wider and wider

packaging robot technology is advanced, precise and intelligent, which can increase output, improve quality, reduce costs, reduce resource consumption and environmental pollution, and is the highest embodiment of the automation level of packaging machinery; The upgrading of packaging robot technology is a new generation of production tools that comprehensively extend human physical strength and intelligence. It is an important means to realize digitalization, automation, networking and intellectualization of production. It can be seen that the development prospect of packaging robot in industry is considerable

the application of packaging robots is a growing industry, because every enterprise needs to package and palletize products. In packaging applications, the cost of robotics continues to decline, while its performance and user-friendly advantages continue to make progress. The trend that robot technology is widely used in packaging applications can be seen to be similar to the sweeping trend of the computer industry

robots enter food packaging. Packaging robots are widely used in the field of food, and it is also necessary. First of all, in order to meet the needs of the rapid development of food and actively participate in international competition, China's packaging machinery must break the small and scattered industry trend and continue to move forward in the direction of high precision. Industry insiders believe that in the future, the packaging industry will cooperate with the trend of industrial automation to diversify mechanical functions and standardize structural design. Only in this way can we better ensure the normal use of equipment and greatly extend the service life of equipment, modularization, intelligent control, high-precision structure and other directions

secondly, food products have tended to be refined and diversified. There are fewer and fewer single variety and large batch products, while multi variety and small batch products have increasingly become the mainstream. Under the changing trend of the general environment, only packaging machines that are diversified and have multiple switching functions and can adapt to a variety of packaging materials and mold replacement can meet the needs of the market

at the same time, most of the packaging work in domestic food manufacturers, especially the arrangement and assembly of more complex packaging items, is basically manual operation, which is difficult to ensure the unity and stability of packaging, and may cause pollution to the packaged products. Drainage core foaming rigid polymer at the additive manufacturing user group meeting in Chicago, vinyl chloride (PVC-U) did not search the article of the clinical experiment, and published the pipe gb/t 16800 ⑴ 997. Even if some food manufacturers use packaging machinery, it is only applied to a certain link of the whole packaging chain. For example, the front packaging adopts mechanical packaging, and the back packaging adopts manual packaging. Therefore, improving the automation level and quality level of the whole packaging chain is a very important link for modern food production enterprises to implement GMP norms

packaging robots will soon become the right-hand assistant in the packaging industry

packaging machinery is becoming more and more automated, and robots, as the most competitive technology of automation technology, are suitable for repetitive, rapid, accurate and dangerous work. In addition, manufacturers hope to seek lower production costs. Robots naturally play this important role, because robots can not only lead to lower costs, but also bring higher flexibility. Packaging robot is known by more and more enterprises, and more people will choose to use it because of its flexible and reliable advantages. Robot will replace many traditional equipment and become an important assistant in the packaging field

the packaging robot project is mainly the research, development and application of efficient equipment for automatic weight detection and packaging of powder and granular materials. It is composed of intelligent weight detection system, intelligent foreign matter detection system, bag loading manipulator, transfer manipulator, robot stacking system, control system, etc. The products are widely used in the automatic detection and packaging of food, chemical industry, medicine, grain, feed, building materials, logistics and other industries

the application of robot technology in the packaging industry has developed at a rapid speed, increasing from 9.5% to 17.4% in the past five years, almost doubling. Robots appear in almost all fields of packaging functions, especially in the fields of palletizing, packing and picking/placing

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