How much is the most popular 8-meter 40W solar str

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How much is an 8-meter-40w solar street lamp in rural Jilin Province?

how much is an 8-meter-40w solar street lamp in rural Jilin Province?

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how much is an 8-meter-40w solar street lamp in rural Jilin Province?

as the cleanest energy in nature, how can solar energy play its best?

since the birth of life on earth, it has mainly lived with the thermal radiation provided by the sun, Since ancient times, people also know how to dry objects in the sun as a way to make food, such as salt and salted fish. Solar energy refers to the thermal radiation energy of the sun, which is mainly represented by the often said solar light. In modern times, it is generally used to generate electricity or provide energy for water heaters. With the reduction of fossil fuels, solar energy has become an important part of human energy use, and continues to develop. There are two ways to use solar energy: photothermal conversion and photoelectric conversion. Solar power generation is a new renewable energy. In a broad sense, solar energy also includes wind energy, chemical energy, water energy, etc. on the earth

solar water heater is the most common and earliest use case of new energy in our life. The full use of solar energy should be the convenience and welfare brought by solar street lamps to people. Solar street lamps are powered by crystalline silicon solar cells. Maintenance free valve controlled sealed batteries (colloidal batteries) store electric energy. Ultra bright LED lamps are used as light sources and controlled by intelligent charge and discharge controllers to replace traditional public electric lighting. There is no need to lay cables, no AC power supply, and no electricity charge; Adopt DC power supply and photosensitive control; It has the advantages of good stability, long service life, high luminous efficiency, simple installation and maintenance, high safety performance, energy conservation, environmental protection, economy and practicality. It can be widely used in urban main and secondary roads, residential areas, factories, tourist attractions, parking lots and other places

what are the advantages of solar street lamps over traditional street lamps? Energy saving: provide electricity with solar photovoltaic conversion, which is inexhaustible. Environmental protection: no pollution, no noise, no radiation. Safety: no electric shock, fire and other accidents. Convenient: the installation is simple, and there is no need for stringing or digging, and there is no concern of power failure and power limitation. Long service life: the product has high scientific and technological content. The control system and accessories are international brands, intelligent design and reliable quality. High grade: scientific and technological products, green energy, users attach importance to science and technology, improve the green image and grade. Less investment: one-time investment is equivalent to AC (AC investment from substation, incoming power, control box, cable, engineering, etc.), one-time investment, long-term use

with the extensive application of solar energy by human beings, centralized photovoltaic power generation system will soon become the optimal solar energy power generation system. The main applications include:

first, user solar power supply

(1) small power supply w varies, which is used for military and civilian living electricity in remote areas such as Plateau, island, pastoral area, border guard post, etc., such as lighting, television, tape recorder, etc; (2) KW household roof and power generation system; (3) Photovoltaic water pump: solve the drinking and irrigation of deep-water wells in areas without electricity

II. In the field of transportation

such as beacon lights, traffic/railway signal lights, traffic warning/sign lights, high-altitude obstacle lights, highway/railway wireless kiosks, unattended road shift power supply when the displayed position value of navigational displacement is greater than the set position

III. communication/communication field

solar unattended microwave relay station, optical cable maintenance station, broadcast/communication/paging power supply system; Rural carrier photovoltaic system, small communication machine, GPS power supply for soldiers, etc

IV. petroleum, marine and meteorological fields

cathodic protection solar power supply system for oil pipelines and reservoir gates, domestic and emergency power supply for oil drilling platforms, marine detection equipment, meteorological/hydrological observation and solar street lamp map preparation, etc

v. household lamp power supply

such as courtyard lamp, street lamp, portable lamp, camping lamp, mountaineering lamp, fishing lamp, black light lamp, rubber cutting lamp, energy-saving lamp, etc

VI. photovoltaic power station

10 the operators operate kw-50mw independent photovoltaic power station, wind solar (diesel) complementary power station, various large parking lot charging stations, etc. in strict accordance with the operating procedures

VII. Solar building

combining solar power generation with building materials to make the future large-scale buildings realize self-sufficiency in electricity, which is a major development direction in the future

VIII. Other fields include

IV. in general, the advantages of solar lithium battery street lamps are adjustable solar panel supports, which maximize the improvement of light collection; Green environmental protection; The lithium battery is installed directly under the solar panel, which is small in size and light in weight, reducing the construction cost; The service life is times longer than that of traditional energy storage lead-acid batteries; Anti bump temperature can be used in the environment of minus 20 ℃ - 60 ℃ above zero, and Seiko special technology can be used in the environment of minus 45 ℃; Maintenance free machine can become the first UL certified green plastic additive. The above is about the advantages of lithium battery compared with lead-acid battery. To this end, lithium battery is a controllable and pollution-free energy storage battery, which is more stable and safe than lead-acid battery. Lithium batteries are more popular with customers, and they are also very recognized. Lithium battery solar street lamps have become a growth trend. In the future, more and more solar street lamps will choose lithium batteries as energy storage devices. The 12 meter solar street lamp is relatively high, and the lamp pole should be hot galvanized inside and outside, so it will be safer. As for the installation spacing, the 12 meter solar street lamp star recommended reason: it meets all the standards of waterproof coiled materials. The recommended spacing is meters, and the width needs to be more than 15 meters. The higher the lamp pole is, the better the light source should be selected, and the configuration should be slightly higher

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