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How much is osopur p12 wall breaking machine? How about the price? Use quality evaluation evaluation

this osopur p12 wall breaking machine is a popular wall breaking machine in the market. It uses 8 Ling and 8 knife, and the wall breaking is more delicate. It has the function of cooking while beating soybean milk. Let's take a look at the hands-on experience as follows. When it runs for the first time after installation or changes the wire connector, the price quotation, configuration and user comments on the advantages and disadvantages may help you choose to refer to

I. experience of using osopur p12 wall breaking machine:

this osopur p12 wall breaking machine was started with a friend's recommendation. At first glance, I felt that the texture was good. After using it for a period of time, I felt that this wall breaking machine was very good as a whole. I haven't been brief about the research on the experimental machine. I bought an upgraded version. It's very convenient to bring my own recipe. I can make watermelon and other fruit juices, and I can also make some health preserving paste, which is convenient to use, It's also convenient to clean. It's a good food tool. Overall, I'm quite satisfied with this model Refer to more user comments on advantages and disadvantages

II. Price quotation of osopur p12 wall breaking machine:

this osopur p12 wall breaking machine currently has promotional activities and coupons in tmall's official flagship store. For friends who need it, please refer to the following detailed activity quotation and coupon details:

5 Aromatic ketone polymers: including polyether ether ketone, polyether ketone, polyether ketone

with cooking asppuer/osopur p12 glass heating household stirring multifunctional wall breaking machine cooking machine

[at the price] 899.00 yuan

[post coupon price] 399.00 Yuan view tmall activity QUOTATION>

III. osopur p12 wall breaking machine configuration parameters:

IV. user comments on advantages and disadvantages:

1, it's OK, it's good, I tried tomatoes, and they were very broken. I had one before, but it didn't have cooking function. I've seen this one for a long time. I still started this activity, and it's OK. I think it's very delicate. Tomatoes, which taste good in summer, can be given to children, and watermelon juice can be made. Otherwise, the clothes I eat are all melon juice, which is very convenient. The delivery speed is very fast, and I'm very satisfied with a shopping trip

the pendulum position is abnormal

2. This wall breaking machine is really good and cost-effective. I bought one at first, and then I bought it for my sister and friends. I bought four at once. It's really convenient and delicate, and there is food in it, which is worth recommending! It's super convenient to make complementary food for children, make fruit juice, and get up early every day to make health porridge. I really like it

3. I tried it for several times and felt it was really good. The ground soymilk is very delicate, and there is no residue. The feeling of health preservation and life is also very good. I fell in love with it. With its company, I had a beautiful childhood

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