Top five events in the LED industry this week

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This week, let's take a look at the five major events in the display field in the LED industry. This week, the time has crossed from 2019 to 2020

in the new year, the first grand event of the LED industry, the 2020 CES consumer electronics show in the United States is coming. Recently, I have received a lot of relevant news about display products. For example, Samsung and LG released a notice that both sides will display the latest TV products at CES exhibition; TCL will also release the next generation of mini LED display technology, which is very exciting. In addition, there are also new developments in the cooperation between big coffee in OLED, AMOLED and other fields, which also attracted a lot of attention

these reflect the development of the new display field in full swing to varying degrees. The research and development progress of enterprises and the destination of products have become the focus of the industry. Less gossip. Next, let's look at the five hot events in the display field recently

★ Samsung and LG will launch new TV products in CES 2020.

according to Korean media reports, Samsung and LG, the two largest electronics giants in South Korea, are expected to launch new shape TVs at the CES 2020 consumer electronics exhibition next week

Samsung is expected to launch its first borderless TV and home 80 inch micro LED TV in the exhibition. LG may show a scrollable TV. The crimpable feature of this product can save consumers more home space. At the same time, LG will also launch the first 48 Inch OLED TV

★ TCL will release the next generation of mini LED display technology on CES 2020

at the end of December, TCL announced that it will release the next generation of mini LED display technology on CES 2020. TCL said it had introduced the mini led backlit TV to the North American and European markets in early 2019. With quantum contrast technology, TCL has established a new standard for the image quality of RFT folders of TV pictures, which will be improved again this time

★ TCL Huaxing hyperboloid flexible AMOLED screen officially shipped

recently, the flexible folding screen products independently developed and produced by Huaxing optoelectronics officially shipped to international famous brand manufacturers. The screen adopts touch integration technology to effectively reduce the thickness of the screen; Adopt narrow frame and large arc design; At the same time, the folding times and the service life of the folding screen have been greatly increased, so that the Inner Mongolia graphene Material Research Institute has been officially established. The folding screen products delivered this time also greatly improve the world-class problem of folding marks, and bring high-quality beauty and excellent use experience to


★ Samsung display will begin to provide Huawei with foldable OLED panels

according to insiders on January 2, Samsung display has recently begun to cooperate with Huawei to develop foldable OLED smart panels, and Huawei will install them in the new foldable devices distributed later this year. Samsung display is expected to increase the sales of its foldable panels by increasing Huawei's suppliers

★ BOE is expected to become the second largest OLED screen supplier of iPhone in 2021

according to foreign media reports, BOE will thus save costs for enterprises and provide 45million OLED displays for iPhone, which will be second only to Samsung and will exceed LG

reports show that Apple plans to order OLED screens from BOE in 2020. It is unclear whether Apple is going to try these OLED screens or whether it is going to officially use them in the iPhone 12 in 2020. It is believed that Apple will buy 45million OLED screens for the iPhone in 2021

Korean media reported that this order will make BOE the second largest OLED screen supplier of iPhone. Moreover, Samsung will continue to produce most OLED screens for apple, and LG display will fall to third place. (organized by ledinside Janice)

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