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How much is the general automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine for hardware parts in Hebei Province

1: the battle between import and domestic production: almost all components of ultrasonic can be bought in China, so why import it? Of course, some imported components are necessary. How much is the general automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine for Hebei hardware parts, such as the integrated module, because the grade of domestic products is not the same as that of foreign products. There are many transducer manufacturers in China. How much is the general automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine for Hebei hardware parts? In fact, all of them use domestic brands, and they are very low-grade ones without brands

2: dispute over actual power: ultrasonic power is calculated according to the actual volume of the tank, and the power of the standard machine is calculated according to the bottom area. Some manufacturers often quote high power when quoting (the accumulation of an average thin layer has exceeded the need of actual power). How much is the general automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine for Hebei hardware parts, and the price is very low, giving customers a way to break the foreign monopoly It feels cheap to replace imports as the goal, but when it is actually made, it is often 60% - 70% of the reported power, and the customer does not take advantage

3: dispute over actual materials: ultrasonic cleaning machines are mainly composed of stainless steel plates. Ordinary inner grooves can be 304, and 316L is required if there are special requirements. The outer sealing plate that is not in direct compatible contact with the liquid is also made of 304. However, some companies now use a kind of stainless steel plate (201 or 202) to deceive customers, and the outer surface can't be seen at all, because it is also shiny, but it will be seriously rusted after a few months of use, Affect appearance

ultrasonic cleaning method is more complex than the general conventional cleaning method. For example, some mechanical parts with uneven surface and blind holes, and some small products with high requirements for cleanliness, such as parts of clocks and precision machinery, electronic components, circuit board components, etc., ultrasonic cleaning can achieve very ideal results

this kind of effect caused by ultrasonic action in is called ultrasonic cavitation. Above 2 × 104 realize the demand and supply of sound waves driven by two wheels. Ultrasonic devices include mechanical ultrasonic generators (such as air whistle, whistle and liquid whistle), electric ultrasonic generators made of electromagnetic induction and electromagnetic action principles, and electroacoustic transducers made of piezoelectric crystal electrostrictive effect and ferromagnetic magnetostrictive effect

the main purpose of water-based detergent is to clean grinding powder. Because the abrasive powder is an alkali metal oxide, and the cleaning ability of the solvent is very weak, the abrasive powder produced in the lens processing is basically removed in the water-based cleaning unit, so high requirements are put forward for water-based cleaning agents

when ultrasonic propagates in the cleaning solution, it will produce positive and negative alternating sound pressure and impact the cleaning parts. At the same time, due to the non-linear effect, it will produce sound flow and micro sound flow, while ultrasonic cavitation will produce high-speed micro sound flow on the solid and interface. All these effects can remove or weaken the dirt, remove or weaken the boundary dirt layer, stir and diffuse, accelerate the dissolution of soluble dirt, and strengthen the cleaning effect of chemical cleaning agents

using ultrasonic cleaning equipment to clean the keyboard, the main steps are as follows:

1 Dismantle the keyboard

before using ultrasonic cleaning equipment to clean the keyboard, it is necessary to dismantle the keyboard now, because some parts cannot be cleaned. Use a screwdriver to dismantle the key cap on the top of the keyboard, open the keyboard and temporarily take out the circuit board, rubber pad and other parts that cannot be cleaned in the keyboard

2. Clean the keyboard

gently put the cleaned part of the disassembled keyboard into the water tank of the ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Because there is not much oil on the keyboard surface, clean water can be used as the cleaning agent. In order to achieve better cleaning effect, an appropriate amount of detergent can be added. After the water tank is filled with clean water, gently start the switch button to start cleaning. Generally, ultrasonic cleaning can be taken out after about 15 minutes

3. Assembly after air drying

after the keyboard is taken out of the water tank of the ultrasonic cleaning equipment, it needs to be washed with clean water. After washing, it can be placed in a dry and ventilated place for air drying or dried with a hair dryer. After confirming that the keyboard is dry, assemble the key cap, circuit board, keyboard shell and other parts according to the disassembly process

briefly introduce the application field of ultrasonic cleaning machine

1 Household application: daily used items such as gold and silver jewelry, jewelry, headdress, brooch, glasses, watch chain, fountain pen, compact disc, shaving knife, comb, toothbrush, denture, tea set, etc., as well as milk bottles, nipples and fruits such as grapes, cherries, strawberries. These accessories, tools and fruits are disinfected and sterilized while being cleaned. In addition, ultrasonic can also be used for beauty and skin care of hands, Long term use can keep skin tender, smooth and elastic. Gute ultrasonic cleaner can also be used for wine mixing, mellow wine, automatic egg mixing, etc

2. Glasses, optical instruments: all optical lenses, such as all kinds of glasses, magnifying glasses, telescopes, microscopes, cameras, cameras and other lens parts, after ultrasonic cleaning, all the truth in the world will be revealed

3. Jade and ornaments processing industry: in the process of grinding and polishing, a large number of dust and dirt will adhere to jade and ornaments, and these workpieces are often complex in shape and have many gaps. The traditional cleaning methods are often at a loss, while Gute ultrasonic cleaner is unique

4. Clocks and precision instruments: with Gute ultrasonic cleaner, clocks and precision instruments can avoid the trouble of disassembling screws, gears, hairspring clocks, watch chains, etc. one by one. Just remove the shell and put the whole into the cleaning tank with corresponding cleaning agent (such as gasoline), and you can get twice the result with half the effort

when selecting this kind of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, we must also measure the following aspects:

first, measure the cost performance of this kind of device

in order to ensure that this ultrasonic cleaning equipment can bring value for money cleaning effect, we must ensure that the cost performance and use needs of this device can be fully matched. With lower price and better cleaning effect, the ultrasonic cleaning equipment with low profit and quick turnover has better technical guarantee for the cleaning of our products and improved the cleaning quality of products, Customers can enjoy the high-quality cleaning effect brought by this ultrasonic cleaning equipment and enjoy lower cleaning investment only when they choose high-quality and low-cost equipment

secondly, pay attention to the environment of equipment operation and the scope of matching

only selecting matching ultrasonic cleaning equipment according to the materials they clean can ensure better cleaning efficiency. Whether it is the size or operation mode of this ultrasonic cleaning equipment, we need to have a more thorough understanding. Only through the carefully selected ultrasonic cleaning equipment can we realize the thorough cleaning of all kinds of materials, and only choose this kind of equipment that matches the needs of our parents, In order to obtain high-quality cleaning effect

in a word, when selecting ultrasonic cleaning equipment, customers must choose devices with better cleaning quality and higher cost performance according to their own needs, based on good technical premise and with their own psychological needs as a reference, so that this ultrasonic cleaning equipment can bring better cleaning effect for themselves

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