How much is the most buried 2000 amorphous alloy t

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How much is a buried 2000 amorphous alloy transformer? Choose Jiangsu Jingrui power size accurate

how much is a buried 2000 amorphous alloy transformer? Choose Jiangsu Jingrui power size accurate

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product brand Jiangsu Jingrui power equipment product model full model production city Jiangsu Xuzhou shipping city Jiangsu Xuzhou total supply 10000 minimum starting 1 product unit price 1 Unit of measurement product details

how much is a buried 2000 amorphous alloy transformer? Choose Jiangsu Jingrui power. The size is accurate

Jiangsu Jingrui Power Equipment Co., Ltd. has strong technical strength, advanced production technology, sophisticated equipment and complete testing means. A perfect quality assurance system in the experimental process has been established since its establishment. 5. For a long time, the company has reached friendly cooperative relations with many enterprises, such as Chint, XJ, Zoomlion, Tianwei, abb, Renmin electric and Wolong Electric. Energy efficiency standards have opened a new era of energy-saving transformers. The new energy efficiency standard puts forward higher energy efficiency requirements for products, and some high-energy consumption products will be withdrawn from the market, but some enterprises have not implemented this standard, so some enterprises with foreign alliances or official institutions will phase out some high-energy consumption products in 2014. It is expected that the energy-saving transformer industry will still face a more complex development situation in 2014. Affected by factors such as the decline in the growth rate of fixed investment by large power users and the continued rise in operating costs, the energy-saving transformer industry will maintain a "stable" trend in 2014, and there is little chance of a strong recovery. In terms of export, it will still be mainly exported to Southeast Asia and other regions. In 2014, under the background of in-depth implementation of the industrial transformation and upgrading plan and the development plan of strategic emerging industries, and under the forced mechanism of domestic and foreign demand upgrading, it will still take some time for the tasks of "de capacity users to input" search engine "and" de foam "to be completed, and the domestic demand for products will not increase significantly. However, with the introduction of a new round of reform policies and measures, the impact of the release of development dividends

transformers are classified according to moisture-proof methods: open transformer, potted transformer, sealed transformer. Classified by iron core or coil structure: core transformer (inserted iron core, C-type iron core, ferrite iron core), shell transformer (inserted iron core, C-type iron core, ferrite iron core), ring transformer, metal foil transformer Jiangsu Jingrui Power Equipment Co., Ltd. hkjtvc. Therefore, in order to ensure the safe and economic operation of the system, unnecessary reactive power flow should be reduced and avoided in the transformer as far as possible, * * * the distribution of reactive power flow should be optimized, and the balance of reactive power should be maintained as far as possible. At present, the power factor of transformers in the United States is close to 1. Japan and other countries have established national reactive power management meetings to study the technical and economic policies of reactive power compensation. It can be seen from the actual situation that the power factor of transformers in countries with relatively developed industry in the world is relatively high. Therefore, vigorously improving transformer power factor, reducing line loss and saving energy are the inevitable direction of current power development and progress. And installing capacitors or other reactive power compensation devices with a certain capacity in parallel at the appropriate position of the transmission line can improve the power factor and reactive power compensation. Therefore, the transformer has a great demand for the control system that can intelligently switch the compensation capacitor and realize reactive power compensation according to the change of reactive power in the line. Solve the problem of reactive power compensation

according to the number of power phases: single-phase transformer, three-phase transformer, polyphase transformer. Classification by purpose: power transformer, voltage regulating transformer, audio transformer, intermediate frequency transformer, high frequency transformer, pulse transformer. The loss of transformer core is closely related to the frequency, so it should be designed and used according to the use frequency, which is called the working frequency. Under the specified frequency and voltage, the transformer can work for a long time without exceeding the output power of the specified temperature rise. It refers to the voltage allowed to be applied on the coil of the transformer, which shall not be greater than the specified value during operation. It refers to the ratio of primary voltage to secondary voltage of transformer, which is different from no-load voltage ratio and load voltage ratio. When the secondary of the transformer is open circuit, there is still a certain current in the primary, which is called no-load current. No load current is composed of magnetization current (generated magnetic flux) and iron loss current (caused by core loss). For 50Hz power transformer, the no-load current is basically equal to the magnetization current. Refers to the transformer secondary open circuit. China's electronic transformer products are still the majority of traditional products produced for decades, and silicon steel sheet, ferrite, paint wrapped wire, plastic framework and other main raw materials and parts are still used. In order to support new electronic products, R-type iron core technology has been introduced in recent years, R-type transformer has been developed, and the quality level of electronic transformer has been further improved. At present, the domestic production of electronic transformers accounts for more than 20% of the global total output, and China has become the main supply base in the international market. With the increasingly fierce competition in the international market, in order to reduce costs, it is bound to further promote the scale of transformer production and form economies of scale to adapt to the more intense market competition. In this regard, Wang Enge, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the pressure enterprises will take the road of technological progress in the future development. Despite the market and output of traditional old products, the profit space is very small, and it is impossible to form strong competitiveness. The main profit point of transformers lies in the new generation of high-end products, the rapid rise of passive integration technology

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