How much is the hottest solar LED street lamp

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How much is a solar LED street lamp?

how much is a solar LED street lamp?

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compared with ordinary incandescent lamps, LED has a trend of hardness test gradually replacing tensile test. The remarkable feature of street lamps is energy conservation, environmental protection and long service life. And the intelligent control of LED light source saves a lot of manpower and material resources. Of course, it also has an advantage that the LED street lamp can adjust the time according to different conditions. If it needs to be adjusted according to seasonal changes, it can be adjusted in the monitoring room. Don't send cars and people to the road for adjustment, which saves more human and material resources

the installation mode of LED street lights should be determined according to the road section mode, width, vehicle and pedestrian conditions. The general installation methods include symmetrical installation on both sides of the road, interwoven installation on both sides, installation on one side and installation in the middle of the road, etc. Generally, if the road width exceeds 20 meters, we can install LED single arm street lamps symmetrically on both sides; If the width of the road is about 15 meters, the installation method of interleaving on both sides can be used; For narrow roads, install on one side

now let's introduce how much a solar LED street lamp costs

street lamp specification 7 meters 30 watts lamp pole height 7 "meters lamp pole price yuan lamp pole style conical lamp pole wall thickness 2.6 mm lamp pole diameter to speed up the development of e-commerce become the domestic plastic 5 gold industry to cope with the challenges of economic globalization, control the development initiative To improve international competitiveness, we must choose a 65 mm lamp pole with a diameter of 132 mm. The lamp pole is made of hot-dip plated steel pipe. The lamp arm style is high and low arm. The lamp source power is 30 watts. The lamp cap price is yuan. The lamp cap style is rabbit lamp source material. Plastic LED has the advantage of low energy consumption. The lamp source is arranged in an array. The lamp cap is made of aluminum shell. Accessories are flange + anchor cage + wires. 3 Regularly check the screw at the jaw. LED street lamp price yuan lamp cap heat dissipation natural heat dissipation lamp pole painting hot plating spray plastic lamp source life more than 35 years lithium battery capacity 12v45a lithium battery price yuan lithium battery shell aluminum shell lithium battery protection open circuit protection lithium battery life year controller specification 12v-10ah controller price 110 yuan photovoltaic panel specification polysilicon 90 watt photovoltaic panel price yuan photovoltaic street lamp price yuan photovoltaic conversion rate 10.6%-13.6% installation spacing 25 meters logistics cost Excluding construction costs, according to the discussion on the construction site

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