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How much is a set of hardware tools in Shanxi?

the most necessary emergency tools for the whole car, which is very practical and can protect your life when needed, but do you have a

car in your car, which can take you on the road, of course, it can also keep you on the road. The tools of Shanxi pliers include pointed nose pliers, vice pliers, diagonal pliers and wire stripping pliers. The nose pliers are mainly used to clamp small screw caps and twist hard steel wires. The sharp mouth is used to cut wires

next, let's take a look at the necessary tools for the car. If you don't hurry to buy them, don't miss the thirty or fifty oceans. It's enough to leave you on the road for a while. Fire extinguisher

fire extinguisher vehicle fire extinguisher is a very important vehicle tool, but many car owners do not equip their cars with fire extinguishers, and when there is a danger, they can't help. It is usually stored in a plastic toolbox. According to different uses, hand tools can be divided into wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, sockets, cutting, sets, etc., and each category has different models. Nowadays, the market demand for hand tools in the United States is stable. At the end of last year, with the large-scale increase of new houses, the age of motor vehicles is also getting older. Therefore, hand tools are mainly used in these two blocks because of the high melting point temperature of high-temperature nylon. In addition, the demand for forging tools for electronic products distribution is also very strong. Fire extinguishers are basically placed in the trunk

safety hammer

as we all know, in the past, car window lifts were hand-operated, so they were rarely equipped in cars, and usually only appeared on passenger cars. However, with the replacement of mechanical lifting by electronic lifting, there is a potential safety hazard in wading driving in rainy days, that is, the window cannot be opened after wading and flameout. There are many kinds of safety hammers. It is best to choose a knife with weight, texture and full function, and preferably with the function of cutting safety belts. At present, there are two kinds of safety hammers on the market: single function safety hammer and multi-function safety hammer. When the car owner encounters an emergency, if he needs to break the window, he should smash the four corners of the window with a safety hammer, because the middle part of the tempered glass is the strongest

spare tire

although the spare tire is not a tool, it is still very necessary when the vehicle has a flat tire and other conditions. Introduction to the daily use tools of fitters, introduction to the daily use tools of fitters. Fitters are the types of work that use fitter tools or equipment and process, correct and assemble the work according to the technical requirements. The main work of fitters is to process workpieces, assemble, maintain equipment, and manufacture and repair tools. Common equipment for fitters includes bench vises, bench vises, grinding machines, and drilling machines. Commonly used measuring tools include cutting needles, cutting gauges, sample punches, files, hand saws, steel rulers, vernier calipers, etc., which are relatively fine tools. At least you can insist on driving to the nearest repair shop, which also depends on its breakthrough in cost, so you must bring a spare tire when driving. How much is a set of Shanxi hardware tools? Prepare a trailer rope that can drag a car weighing at least 3 tons, so that it can be easily used when the car breaks down. At the same time, the emergency plastic tool box also has a vehicle mounted fire extinguisher, which is a very important tool

the spare tire is usually stored in the trunk, which is behind the trunk. Car spare tires are divided into full size and non full size, which are generally placed in the trunk, and there are also rear mounted types. As an emergency equipment, the spare tire owner must check its tire pressure regularly


the car jack is placed in the car toolbox to jack up the car body when changing the spare tire. Peel the plastic insulation layer, etc. The operation method of bending the wire connector with pointed nose pliers is: first fold the wire end to the left, and then bend it clockwise to the right against the screw. The needle nose pliers are slightly modified and can be used as wire stripping needle nose pliers. The method is: use an electric drill to drill two slotted holes of 0.8 and 1.0mm in the front section of the blade used for thread cutting with pointed nose pliers, and then use a bit of 1.2 and 1.4mm respectively to slightly expand it (Note: don't expand it!), Make these two slots have a thin edge. In this way, a needle nose pliers that can cut and strip thread is changed into! Car jacks include pneumatic jacks, electric jacks, hydraulic jacks and mechanical jacks. Generally, hydraulic and mechanical jacks are commonly used. The car jack is used to replace the spare tire. It is convenient to replace the broken tire when driving out

the jack is usually placed in the trunk, and some vehicles will be placed on the inner wall of the front cover of the vehicle or under the driver's seat. How much is a set of Shanxi hardware tools? But when driving outside, it is inevitable to encounter problems with your car, such as air leakage in the forum, the battery running out of power and breaking down. At this time, you need a fully equipped emergency plastic toolbox to help the owner solve the problem. Shanxi

warning triangle

I believe that no friend does not know the role of warning triangle. Therefore, the polarization trend of hardware brand camp has expanded. The direct result of this shock makes the market more rational. 3. The integration of domestic and foreign enterprises has further accelerated. In order to improve their own strength, domestic enterprises will make greater efforts to expand the international market. Enterprises will speed up the integration with foreign enterprises through various means to improve the quality and competitiveness of products. Necessary material conditions for cars: auto repair tools, necessary material conditions for cars: auto repair tools, cars in the process of repair. It is a very important tool. When something unexpected happens, put it in the back of the car to remind the vehicles behind, avoid it in time, and avoid secondary accidents. Triangle warning signs are usually placed in the trunk


like jacks, new cars are generally equipped with tire wrenches. Piston ring loading and unloading pliers, valve spring loading and unloading pliers, grease gun, kilogram items, etc. Spark plug sleeve: it is a spark plug used for disassembling and assembling the engine. It is mainly used for disassembly and assembly of 14mm and 18mm spark plugs. The opposite side of the inner hexagon of the sleeve is 17mm, which is used for disassembly and assembly of 10mm spark plugs. Valve spring remover is used for loading and unloading valve springs. When in use, shrink the jaw to the minimum position, insert it under the valve spring seat, and then rotate the handle. Press the left palm forward firmly, so that the jaw is close to the spring seat, and after loading and unloading the air lock (PIN) piece. When the tire fails, it can be replaced by itself in time. Of course, if the owner still has some maintenance knowledge, he might as well bring a set of common maintenance tools with him

when unloading the tire, please release the handbrake and cover the other wheels with bricks

trailer rope

the trailer rope of the car is usually brought by cloth Steel wire It is made of nylon rope, with length of 3m-10m. Features: there are hooks or rings at both ends for ease of use. How much is Shanxi hardware tools? A set of socket wrenches is specially used for screwing the threaded fasteners of hexagon nuts. The socket head is a concave hexagon cylinder, which is used to fit the hexagon nuts

the color of the trailer rope should be eye-catching, such as yellow, blue, fluorescent green, fluorescent red, etc. At the same time, it should be noted that the fault car is best driven by an experienced driver, so that it can better respond to emergencies. Vehicle operation and maintenance instructions new cars are equipped with vehicle operation manuals, which should be read carefully before driving. However, in actual vehicles, few car owners will read the operation manuals, and some will never turn them over. The content is too much and too professional, which makes it difficult for many people to read. Individual people will turn over a part of the manual and learn to use it when they encounter a vehicle fault or do not understand the operation

the owner's manual contains details of operation, use, repair and maintenance instructions. Only after careful study and understanding, can we ensure that the car can drive normally and reliably, give full play to and maintain good technical performance, and better extend the service life of the car

if you really cannot understand some technical performance and English part of the instructions, you should also keep the manual in the vehicle for a long time, so that you can check the cause of vehicle failure at any time. Since the configuration and technical performance of each car are different, no matter how skilled the auto mechanic is, he also needs to refer to the manual to figure out the structure of the car


whether it's day or night, the light in the car and under the car is not very good, so we should prepare a flashlight. Of course, it's better to have a flash lamp. Have you prepared a complete set of automobile emergency tools in Shanxi? Nowadays, there are more and more people with cars, and the problem of cars has attracted more and more attention. How much is a set of hardware tools in Shanxi?

the most unimaginable female consumption: the water pipe of the hardware tool kit is broken, the screw is dropped, and the tables and chairs need to be installed. Every family will have some thorny little troubles. The plastic tool box of the car's good companion, the plastic tool box of the car's good companion, when you go out and drive, you are most concerned about driving safety, but you will inevitably encounter problems with your car. The best companion with the car is the plastic toolbox, which integrates emergency, self-help and warning functions to make your whole driving process safe. Towing outsourcing, pneumatic pen, vacuum tire mender, transparent box (safety insert), folding bucket, oil extraction pipe, gloves, emergency hammer, ultraviolet measuring instrument. If you don't solve these little troubles, you are embarrassed to say that you will run this family. You need some good helpers to solve it yourself. The toolbox is a good helper for every family. The toolbox is full of tools that are often used in daily life, such as vice, screwdriver, tape measure, etc. It's very convenient to take out when you need it. When you don't use it, put these tools in the toolbox and stuff them in the corner of your home, which doesn't occupy space and won't make your home messy

according to the consumption data of tmall and women in 2017, hardware toolbox has become one of the popular searches in the past year

boyfriend power has become a hot word. Hardware toolbox, these seemingly masculine consumer goods have also opened up the market among women. This paper introduces how to reasonably select the product number of hydraulic oil and control the pollution of material testing machine.

Hardware toolbox, a very man product, has replaced sewing bags, and more than 3.55 million pieces have been bought by women in the past year. Women are careful to do manual work, and they can also easily solve small problems at home. This actually reflects that today's women are more willing to solve problems through their own efforts, and their independence is increasing. How much is Shanxi hardware tools? A set of tools in the hardware toolbox commonly used in families:

1. Screwdriver

screwdriver is the most frequently used in families. Screwdrivers for screwing, installing computers and furniture usually have a thin wedge head, which can be inserted into the slot or recess of the screw head, and there are two kinds: one word and cross. In addition, common screwdrivers include hexagonal screwdrivers, including inner hexagon and outer hexagon

second, tape

can test the length, width and height of objects, especially when purchasing furniture, measuring with tape is conducive to the selection of furniture size and avoid the trouble of returning and changing goods caused by size

III. spanner

there are basically two kinds of spanners, dead spanner and live spanner. Wrenches use the lever principle to turn bolts, nuts, screws and other threads. Usually, a clamping handle is made at one or both ends of the handle. When in use, an external force is applied to the handle along the direction of thread rotation, and the bolts, nuts, etc. can be turned

IV. hammer

hammer is the most commonly used hitting tool, which is composed of hammer head and hammer handle. It is most commonly used to knock nails, correct or knock objects apart. When applying the hammer, we should check its elongation, which can be adjusted according to customer requirements

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