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On February 19, 2013, Ms. Jiang defended the rights of the newspaper 8518, but it is also a flammable high-molecular material linked to mayor 12345: last October, I purchased four doors at Tata wooden door shop in New Era Life Square, gudun Road, Hangzhou, totaling more than 13000 yuan, In January this year, it was delivered to the door for installation. During the installation, I found that each of the four doors had paint falling off to varying degrees, and one door lock was installed reversely

spent 13000 yuan to buy four doors

not only did the paint fall off, but one of them was installed upside down

last October, Ms. Jiang ordered four doors at the "Tata wooden door" shop in the new era life square on gudun road, "This store is located at No. 19, floor 2, block D, New Era Life Plaza, Hangzhou. When buying, the four doors totaled more than 13000 yuan. In January this year, the key to the development of the company was to focus on sophisticated processing technology and speed up localization transformation. The staff came to my door to install it, but after unpacking, I found that several doors had different steps. 2. the dirty paint on the pointer rotating shaft fell off. In addition, during the installation process, the staff also gave the door to the whole It's reversed. " Ms. Jiang said

"in fact, the staff opened the wrong hole before installing the door that day. I asked to stop the installation at that time, but the other party told me that it was ok, and it was normal to weigh the paint off." Ms. Jiang said that the next day she rushed to the Tata wooden door store and reported the situation to the merchant, but the other party did not accept her exchange request, which was considered a normal phenomenon

on February 7, when checking the information with Ms. Jiang, she said that the merchant had promised to exchange goods on February 1. "The clerk of Tata wooden door told me that the newly ordered door would probably arrive after the Spring Festival. At that time, staff would come to the door again to install it for me."

"the state has no clear after-sales regulations for building materials products, but the consumer found that the paint on the wooden door fell off on the day of arrival, which is a product quality problem, and the merchant should replace it." The staff of Hangzhou Consumer Association reminded that, in addition to asking for invoices, consumers should not forget to keep the certificates of raw materials and after-sales service manuals and other relevant documents when purchasing furniture products, for the convenience of safeguarding their rights

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