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Most cable enterprises are not optimistic about the development of the current market cable industry facing domestic and foreign problems

according to the "China security cable industry market research and investment forecast and analysis report" released by the prospective industry research institute, the construction of "safe city" will be an important motivation to support the rapid development of the security industry. According to the analysis report on Market Research and investment forecast of China's security cable industry in released by the prospective industry research institute, the construction of Ping'an city will be an important motivation to support the rapid development of the security industry. As the construction of safe cities across the country enters the overall promotion stage, in addition to the expanding security demand market in key developed cities, the central and western regions and the second and third tier counties and cities will also start. As an important link between security equipment, security cables also play an important role in this

domestic cable market development survey

at present, the global wire and cable market has exceeded 100billion euros. Within the global wire and cable industry, the market size in Asia accounts for 37%, that in Europe is nearly 30%, that in the Americas is 24%, and that in other markets is 9%. With the arrival of 2013, China's wire and cable industry will usher in new business opportunities and markets. Especially with the continuous expansion of the scale of China's power industry, data communication industry, urban rail transit industry and other industries, the demand for wires and cables will also grow rapidly, driving the development of China's wire and cable industry

after entering 2013, China's huge market for wires and cables has gradually surfaced. How to seize the historical opportunity and how to increase technical research and development through independent innovation to meet the needs of rail transit, ship construction and port construction is the biggest test for Chinese wire and cable manufacturers. In the same sentence, China's wire and cable market should be seized by China's wire and cable enterprises. Do not undercut foreign wire and cable manufacturers. To this end, China's wire and cable enterprises should actively cooperate to win the huge domestic market through technology sharing, experience sharing, financial support and other means

in addition to the large-scale construction of rail transit, ship construction also provides development opportunities for China's wire and cable market. China's shipbuilding output was 5million tons in 2000, increased to 12million tons in 2005, and reached 25million tons in 2010. Especially in recent years, with the central government paying more attention to shipbuilding, China's shipbuilding industry will grow rapidly in the coming years. However, the wire and cable industry at the upstream of the industrial chain is facing more development opportunities

however, the requirements for marine cables and rail transit cables are equally strict. Due to the particularity of the ship's environment, marine cables are basically halogen-free and low smoke special cables, which must at least meet the requirements of fire prevention, waterproof, pressure resistance and non-toxic. At that time, the longitudinal water sealed cable and umbilical cable will have a day to show their skills. Special wires and cables, such as low smoke cables and flexible wires, marine power cables and marine communication signal cables, will also play brilliance. In addition, special cables for military ships and underwater vehicles, including torpedoes and decoy scouts, will also usher in a new life

with the expansion of ship construction, the strength of port construction is bound to increase. Therefore, the huge wire and cable market brought by port construction projects (including coastal and inland rivers) cannot be ignored. With the commencement of port construction, there will be a huge market for power cables, lighting cables, communication cables, cables for electrical equipment, and cables for port machinery

most cable enterprises are not optimistic about the current market

taking Zhejiang as an example, the research team conducted research on Zhejiang cable enterprises and the market. According to the survey, most enterprises are not optimistic about the current market, and their pessimism is still serious. There are three reasons. First, the weak growth of economic data has delayed the improvement of downstream demand; Second, the current production is in the off-season, and the decline of orders is affected by seasonal factors; Third, the copper price fell sharply, and the bearish mentality of downstream buyers remained strong

last week, the Fubao copper research group investigated 41 cable enterprises in Zhejiang. The production and operation in June were as follows:

in terms of the operating rate, by the middle and late June, only 68.04% of the local cable enterprises in Zhejiang had started work. With the sharp decline of copper prices, it was difficult for the construction materials to increase significantly in just 10 days. Compared with the total operating rate of 71.77% in May this month, the total operating rate decreased by 3.73%. The customer reported that it also verified the fact that the construction started to decline month on month: 37 97% of the enterprises with relatively simple operation have seen a decline in table start-up; In the first half of June, there were many flat businesses and households, accounting for 52.95%; The rising proportion was as low as 9.08%. At the same time, we also know that most enterprises are not optimistic about the current market, and their pessimism is still serious. There are three reasons. First, the weak growth of economic data has delayed the improvement of downstream demand; Second, the current production is in the off-season, and the decline of orders is affected by seasonal factors; Third, the copper price fell sharply, and the bearish mentality of downstream buyers remained strong. The chart of basic operation data is as follows:

in the survey, it is also found that most enterprises say that the main reason for the decline in orders is the downturn in market demand; Secondly, the current tight financing environment, the failure to collect payment for goods, and the tightening of bank housing loans have affected the operation of enterprises. In addition, it is worth noting that some relatively small enterprises said that due to the complex and changeable copper market environment, the copper price has dropped significantly, the orders have been affected, and the competitiveness of receiving orders is insufficient, it is difficult to effectively improve the current weak demand pattern, and the pessimistic mentality of businesses continues

in terms of inventory: there are 5 cable enterprises in Zhejiang that have made it clear that they have inventory. Due to the stable operation of businesses, 1405 tons of inventory has been made, of which finished products account for 78.65%. However, the vast majority of enterprises, like the cable manufacturers in Anhui, Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu and other regions surveyed by the Fubao copper research group, purchase according to the order and basically have no inventory

in a comprehensive way, most cable enterprises said that the orders were difficult to be reflected in the near future. The off-season continued to deepen. In June, the focus of copper prices continued to move down, continuing the downward trend. Under the background of declining copper price and weak demand, Fubao copper research team investigated cable manufacturers and traders and found that the overall situation of downstream cable enterprises was roughly the same during the downturn, and they were not optimistic. Only some enterprises with large orders started to maintain stability, and the construction materials of cable factories fell further in the next two months

the development of the wire and cable industry is facing domestic and foreign troubles

as the world's leading wire and cable industry in terms of gross output value, after a period of rapid development, the industry is currently facing problems such as overcapacity, too low industrial concentration, disorderly competition, etc., and the instability of raw material prices also puts pressure on China's wire and cable industry. In recent years, with the international well-known wire and cable enterprises competing in the Central Plains, how China's wire and cable industry should preserve its strength and status has aroused widespread concern and discussion in the industry

although the GDP of China's wire and cable industry has surpassed that of the United States and become the first in the world, it is not a good thing for China's wire and cable industry. It would be ok if such an amazing total output value could be consumed by the market, but once it could not be consumed, it would cause serious oversupply and lead to overcapacity. Because of overcapacity, the industry will inevitably fall into vicious competition at low prices, which will lead to a series of crony problems such as the decline of quality level. Therefore, how to open up the market, expand the market, and how to enhance their core competitiveness is an urgent thing for China's wire and cable industry to think about and do

in addition, according to industry statistics, China's 19th largest large enterprises account for less than 12% of the domestic market share, while more than 400 medium-sized enterprises account for less than 40% of the market share. The top 10 in the United States have a market share of 67%, the top 6 in Japan have a market share of 65%, and the top 5 in France have a market share of 90%! This gap is by no means ordinary. With the sharp rise in the price of raw materials, the current capital turnover of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises is not effective, and even caused many small and even medium-sized enterprises to close down and go out of business one after another, which has caused 6. 5% of the domestic wire and cable industry The test results of the safety rope static load tensile testing machine can output a certain impact in Excel format. There are hidden worries inside and fierce tigers outside. China's wire and cable industry is not only full of internal worries, but also full of foreign aggression. It is reported that more than 80% of the market share of China's nuclear power cable market is held by nexen, an American cable giant. What is particularly worrying is that this share is still expanding. In addition, 50% of China's marine cables are held by Nexans, which creates great competitive pressure on China's nuclear power cable and marine cable manufacturers

LS group from South Korea aims at China's communication cable market and takes China as the main overseas market. Last month, LS cable signed an agreement with BYD (002594, Guba) Daimler joint venture (a joint venture between German Daimler Benz and Chinese BYD), which will supply 260000 sets of high-voltage cable sets for electric vehicles to BYD in the next five years, with a total amount of US $60million. BYD ranks among the top 10 automobile manufacturers in China and is the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the world. This supply behavior undoubtedly laid the foundation for ls to enter the Chinese automobile and electric vehicle market. In addition, LS cable also invested more than US $3 million, which increased the annual output of automobile cables in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province to 150000 sets, causing a serious impact on China's automobile cable manufacturers

some foreign trade experts pointed out that China has paid a great price for the intervention of foreign counterparts. China has a huge consumption of copper, oil and ethylene, so it is condemned by a lot of over consumption of resources. In fact, China has not benefited much. The State Grid Corporation of China is also quite helpless. They believe that because domestic manufacturers do not have technical advantages, they are usually difficult to win the bidding of State Grid Corporation of China. Therefore, when purchasing high-end products, they are often forced to choose foreign brands

at present, according to the data, more than 4000 domestic enterprises are locked in a bitter struggle for the low-end market with less than 20% profits, while it is often overlooked that the high-end market with 80% profits in China is divided by about 30 global manufacturers. For this reason, some large enterprises in China have invested in human resources and technical strength to increase the scientific and technological content of their products, in order to sharpen their heads and enter 80% of the high-end market, becoming the challenger of foreign manufacturers

overall, the fundamental reason why foreign famous industries can stably occupy the domestic market and invest a lot of energy to enter the overseas market lies in the relatively high maturity of the foreign market, the relatively high content of science and technology and the relatively good product quality, which forces relevant enterprises and institutions to use foreign cable products under comprehensive consideration. To this end, China's wire and cable industry should also actively change its form, learn from the development experience of global cable giants nexen, Prysmian, LS and other well-known enterprises, actively promote mergers and acquisitions, and promote the optimal allocation of resources

at present, China's wires and cables are limited to barriers such as low industry concentration and lack of technological innovation within the enterprise. Only by actively learning from the experience of nexen, Prysmian, LS and other cable giants, can we

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