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In the early morning, wanhuipeng, a resident of Danshi community, Qingshan Lake high tech Industrial Park, Nanchang, carried three drink bottles. After face recognition and verification in front of the intelligent sorting and recycling machine, he put them into the corresponding window, and the screen displayed "successful delivery, 0.12", the whole process did not exceed 30 seconds. Wanhuipeng opened the application and showed that the environmental protection fund had accumulated more than 100. He applied for cash withdrawal and the money soon arrived

face recognition, big data monitoring, wrong investment warning, garbage realization... Recently, when intelligent technology enables garbage classification, it has created a different "spark" in Danshi community

"in the past, although there were classified recycling bins in the community, garbage classification could not be implemented." The Party branch of Danshi community learned from Nankai University that Chenli, the Secretary, said that waste classification has always been a problem faced by more than 1600 households in the community

since September 2019, the nokian9/lumia800 in blue and lumia920/1020 in bright yellow, the fourth color in the lake, are classic ones that can not be surpassed in the hearts of a generation. Nanchang Qingshan Lake high tech Industrial Park has piloted the introduction of intelligent sorting recycling machines in the communities under its jurisdiction

in Danshi community, the intelligent sorting and recycling machine is equipped with four types of beverage bottles, textiles, paper and hazardous waste. Each type of waste is equipped with a storage bin and a delivery entrance, which lists the characteristics of each type of waste with pictures and pictures. Cameras are set on both sides of the recycling machine to monitor the misdelivery behavior

laiqinju often brings her children to deliver waste products. The two children are very interested in face recognition and intelligent interaction. Laiqinju said, "since the installation of the intelligent sorting and recycling machine, I will teach my children to pay attention to collecting and delivering waste products at ordinary times, and they also enjoy it."

in today's Danshi community, the corridor is fresh, and the single door is no longer "a mess". Intelligent technology enables the round the clock classified delivery of garbage

at present, the intelligent sorting recycling machine has covered 70 communities and 150000 households in Nanchang, saving more than 290 tons of natural resources

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