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Most of the samples of the crawling mat have detected volatile organic compounds, which pose safety risks.

the crawling mat for children is a commonly used auxiliary sports toy for children and infants. It is not only waterproof and moisture-proof, but also soft in material, which helps to prevent possible damage to the head and knee when the baby crawls and walks, The appearance of bright colors and patterns has also enabled China's military status to provide a shell for the first time. Valves are set at all necessary places to help stimulate the vision and brain development of infants and young children. Therefore, they are increasingly favored by parents and early childhood education institutions

the survey found that at present, there are many brands of floor mats in the market, with similar styles, but the price difference is wide, so that ordinary consumers have no choice. In order to understand the quality of crawling floor mats, recently, the Beijing Consumer Association conducted a comparative experiment on crawling floor mats sold in the market. After testing, the mechanical and physical properties of 15 of the 35 samples did not meet the relevant standards, and the instructions for the use of 10 samples had problems. Some samples had high formamide content, and most samples detected volatile organic compounds, which posed safety risks

in this regard, the Consumer Association reminds consumers to pay attention to whether there is pungent smell when buying. It is best to choose a tough and bending resistant floor mat. During use, they should often check whether there is damage to prevent small parts from being accidentally entered by children

experimental samples

the samples of this comparative experiment were randomly purchased by the staff of the Beijing Consumer Association as ordinary consumers from Beijing Jinyuan Yansha store, Yichu Lianhua (Jinyuan store) to minimize the impact on the environment, Beijing Wumart supermarket Huatian store and other physical stores, as well as Taobao, JD, Amazon and other e-commerce platforms, involving Beijing, Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong Fujian and other places produce 35 kinds of crawling floor mats of 32 brands. The unit price of the product with the highest price is 692 yuan/piece, and the unit price of the product with the lowest price is 12.38 yuan/piece, with a difference of more than 50 times

experimental standard

this comparative experiment adopts toy safety related standards to test and compare the relevant performance of all samples

the comparative test samples were entrusted to Shenzhen INBAR Testing Technology Co., Ltd. according to GB 6675 Safety of toys Part 1: basic specifications, GB 6675 Safety of toys - Part 2: mechanical and physical properties, GB 6675 Safety of toys - Part 3: flammability, GB 6675 Toy safety Part 4: migration of specific elements, SVHC substances of high concern in the EU REACH regulation, etc. test the indicators of the purchased samples, such as instructions for use, mechanical and physical properties, flammability, migration of specific elements, phthalates, formamide and total volatile organic compounds

experimental result 1: the detection value of volatile organic compounds is low

this harmful substance test includes "formamide" and "total volatile organic compounds". At present, Chinese Mainland has not formulated mandatory standards specifically for children's crawling floor mats, nor has it made clear requirements and restrictions on the content of formamide and total volatile organic compounds in crawling floor mats. However, children's crawling floor mats use a variety of chemical substances in the production process, and volatile hazardous substances have become an important topic of concern

according to the test, only one of the 35 samples of children's crawling floor mats has not detected volatile organic compounds, and the other 34 samples have different levels of volatile organic compounds. The measured values are less than 19g/l, and the limit required by similar domestic standards is 50g/l

Zhaobin, associate professor of the school of chemistry and chemical engineering of Nanjing University, explained that volatile organic substances mainly include benzene, toluene, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, which are toxic to human body. Children's climbing mats use organic solvents in printing and dyeing processes. Due to fabric adsorption and other reasons, organic residues often exist

According to wuhailu, deputy director of the consumption guidance department of the municipal consumers' Association, in the past, such substances were often detected in furniture, especially in composite materials such as wood-based panels. If the human body is in this environment for a long time, it will cause harm to health. "Fortunately, the value measured this time is lower than similar domestic standards, so the harm is relatively not so great."

experimental results 2: the formamide values of 9 samples exceeded the standard

according to the municipal consumers' Association, formamide, also known as "aminoformaldehyde", was listed as a substance of high concern (SVHC) by the EU REACH regulations and classified as a reproductive toxic substance by the EU chemical administration. The use of formamide in foamed plastic products can make the plastic foam. The greater the amount of formamide, the lighter the plastic. Formamide can also increase the flexibility of plastic products and make the products not easy to break

the volatilization of formamide is a slow and long-term process. Children usually use floor mats in a relatively closed environment. Therefore, the formamide slowly released from the floor mats will continuously enter children's bodies through respiratory tract and skin

in this comparative experiment, the samples were tested according to the relevant requirements of EU REACH regulations on formamide in substances of great concern. The limit value of formamide in substances highly concerned by REACH regulations is 10003, and the selection index of electronic tensile testing machine is mg/kg. The restriction on formamide in the EU toy safety directive was implemented on May 24 this year, requiring that the content of formamide in foam toy materials should not exceed 200mg/kg, otherwise a 28 day release test is required, and the release of formamide should not exceed 20 μ g/m3。 In Taiwan, China, China, the limit of formamide content in children's splicing floor mats is 200mg/kg

after testing, formamide was detected in 22 samples, and the measured value of 9 samples was more than 200mg/kg, of which the measured value of 3 kinds of spliced crawling mat samples was more than 1000mg/kg

experimental results 3 small parts easy to fall off are not clearly warned

children aged 3 and below have a strong tendency to put things into their mouths. Therefore, relevant standards prohibit children's toys of this age from containing small parts. However, children over 3 years old do not often put non food objects into their mouths, but there is still a certain possibility. Therefore, the standard allows children's toys of this age to have small parts, but warning instructions must be marked to remind the guardian; In addition, if the average thickness of the packaging plastic bag is too thin, it is easy to adhere to children's mouth and nose, which may cause suffocation

after testing, the mechanical and physical properties of 15 of the 35 samples of children's crawling floor mats do not meet the standard requirements, which are mainly manifested in the small parts that can be disassembled or easy to fall off, some products contain small parts without relevant warnings or warnings that do not meet the standard requirements, the average thickness of the packaging plastic bag is less than 0.038mm (standard requirements), and the sealing method of the toy bag and the circumference of the rope loop do not meet the requirements. The edges and corners of the cushion and the zipper head are pulled off under the specified tension, resulting in small parts. If they are accidentally put into the mouth, infants may suffocate and cause safety accidents

tips: do not buy products with pungent odor according to the introduction of the municipal consumers' Association, at present, there is no corresponding product standard for children's crawling floor mats in Chinese Mainland, and most products on the market adopt toy safety related standards or their own enterprise standards as the executive standards. It is suggested that relevant departments should formulate relevant standards for children's crawling floor mats, especially strictly limit the physical indicators, formamide and volatile indicators related to the safety of infants and young people, so as to standardize the floor mats production enterprises, so that consumers can buy and use them at ease

the consumers' Association reminds consumers that when selecting children's crawling floor mats, they should pay attention to the use instructions (signs) information, including product name, age range, safety warnings, name and address of producers and distributors, executive standards, etc., and avoid purchasing "three noes" products

when purchasing, pay attention to whether there is pungent smell. If you can smell pungent smell after opening the outer package, do not buy. A variety of chemicals are used in the production of children's crawling floor mats. For example, some harmful chemicals exceed the standard, which will cause harm to human body

in addition, it is better to select the floor mat with relatively tough texture and bending resistance. During the use process, it is necessary to regularly check whether there is damage, so as to prevent small parts from potential safety hazards. The shopping vouchers shall also be retained to effectively safeguard their legitimate rights and interests in case of quality problems

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