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As we all know, in today's economic globalization, any enterprise is an integral part of the global economic chain. It is not only a provider of products and services for repairing the milling process after rough machining of complex workpieces, but also a user of resources. It should become a protector of resources and environment. At present, the concept of low carbon is popular all over the world. The implementation of a low-carbon economy and green economy development model based on low energy consumption, low pollution and detailed explanation of testing machine technology has become one of the hot topics. This is not only the only way to achieve sustainable economic development, but also a major issue that must be solved to change the mode of economic development and promote energy conservation, emission reduction and consumption reduction in the industrial field. In this context, the 2011 China International color box exhibition conforms to the industry trend, and once again brings together color box equipment suppliers, consumables manufacturers and color box manufacturers. It was grandly held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center from July 6 to 8, 2011 to jointly perform the annual event of the color box industry with others

industry leaders have made great efforts to support and jointly witness the recovery of China's color box industry in the post financial crisis era. China's economic development has a good momentum. According to the preliminary calculation of the National Bureau of statistics, China's GDP in the first half of this year was 17284billion yuan. Foreign trade recovered rapidly, with a total export volume of 705.1 billion US dollars in the first half of the year. With the northward shift of the national economic center, the color box packaging industry chain is also moving northward. This year's China International color box exhibition takes Beijing as the center, bases itself on the northern market around the Bohai Sea, and caters to the needs of the market. The color box packaging and printing industry in the Bohai Rim region has great potential for future development. There are more than 1000 packaging and printing enterprises in Beijing and Tianjin alone. It is a new hot spot in China's regional economic development after the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta. It is close to Japan, South Korea and Russia, and is the forefront of China's participation in regional cooperation in Northeast Asia. With the increase of exports (852 US dollars/ton) and the growth of domestic market demand, the order of color box is also increasing

market growth means demand growth. To meet the needs of users, we must improve production efficiency and expand production range. In this situation, China International color box Exhibition 2011 will invite more than 300 well-known color box equipment and consumables suppliers at home and abroad to present the latest technologies and processes to meet all production needs of packaging and printing enterprises. The exhibition exhibits include folding cartons, hard boxes, plastic (plastic) boxes, paper bags and other processing equipment; Among them, Bobst, evergreen, Shanghai Yahua, Hongjing, Tokyo Wenhong, Yaoke, Yuanheng and other traditional post press exhibitors will bring new products to the stage. According to the organizer, after the last China International color box exhibition, many suppliers showed great interest in the exhibition and showed strong intention to participate. At present, the recruitment process of the whole exhibition is smooth, exhibitors sign up enthusiastically, and booth sales are very hot. The professional exhibition organization and grand exhibition lineup will surely become a feast to witness the recovery of the color box equipment market in 2011

build a green industrial chain to meet the purchasing needs of buyers

at present, the concept of low carbon is popular all over the world. As a member of social development, the color box manufacturing enterprise takes the road of sustainable development and green printing. This sample is also qualified. The implementation of green printing is the only way for China to move from a big printing country to a powerful printing country. It is the inevitable requirement for realizing the harmonious coexistence between man and nature. It is the only choice to break through the green barriers of international trade. It is the practical requirement for realizing scientific development and ecological development. Green printing has been raised to an unprecedented height in China

under the call of the theme of green printing, color box manufacturing enterprises focus more on energy-saving and environment-friendly equipment. In order to meet the procurement requirements of energy conservation and consumption reduction, this exhibition is committed to building a green industrial chain. The organizers sincerely invite many enterprises with outstanding performance in energy conservation, waste reduction and low carbon to participate in the exhibition. At the exhibition site, many exhibitors will introduce to the industry the latest equipment developed and produced by their companies specifically for the color box industry to save energy and reduce consumption for enterprise users. Undoubtedly, with the participation of top suppliers and the on-site interpretation of the latest technologies and equipment, this exhibition will become a convenient and efficient procurement platform for color box manufacturers

among them, Qinhua, Yiling and Meinong will display the silk printing equipment for the color box Market; Bobst, Xuheng, evergreen, xincaishun, Yaoke, Yahua, Tokyo Wenhong, Hongjing, Chengyuan, Dragen, Wutai, Shengtian, Yongshun and other suppliers specializing in the production of post press processing equipment such as die-cutting machine, box pasting machine, bronzing machine, film laminating machine, paper laminating machine, etc. will perform at the same stage to show the latest post press processing technology to the color box manufacturers at home and abroad who come to visit and purchase; Henkel, Jichuan, Huakang, Delong, Lujia and Chengming will show the hot melt adhesive and jelly adhesive most suitable for color box manufacturers in the era of low carbon economy; Juli, Xinao, Haosheng, Shenyuan, Gelita, Huawei, Yueming, Yonghua, Daisy, Hongming, haoyoufu, lishunyuan and other enterprises will also give full support to this exhibition and provide more professional and practical choices to manufacturers who need to update their equipment

many high-end seminars make your trip worthwhile

2011 exhibition comprehensively presents a full range of color box processing equipment, and gathers a large number of powerful color box equipment and consumables manufacturers and color box manufacturers at home and abroad. By focusing on the cutting-edge information of color boxes, releasing the authoritative technology and market information of the industry, providing the latest market development trends, providing the latest production and processing solutions for color box manufacturers, and making every effort to build an international trade platform for color box equipment manufacturing and dialogue between consumable suppliers and professional buyers. Focusing on the industry development trend of transformation, low carbon and environmental protection, this exhibition will present a series of wonderful special activities, including special forums held by industry authoritative organizations and technical lectures by industry experts, which will definitely make your trip worthwhile

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