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In 2017, 13 new highway projects were implemented in Qinghai Province. On February 9, it was learned from the Department of transportation of Qinghai province that this year, 13 new highway projects will be implemented in Qinghai Province. The new projects will focus on accelerating the upgrading and reconstruction of expressways, national and provincial trunk lines and the construction of out of province channels. In these two days, with the Qilian Datong River Bridge section highway and Golmud Sebei Chaerhan highway project entering the implementation stage, the new road construction in Qinghai Province this year kicked off

it is reported that the Qilian Datong River Bridge section of national highway 213 is an integral part of the ordinary national highway G213 (Ceke Mohan). Qi Da Highway starts at the intersection of Babao road and Bayi Road in Qilian County, Haibei Prefecture, passes through Binggou, Nanliang, dadongshushan, jilonggou and wusongtala, and ends at the north of Datong River Bridge in mule Town, Qilian county. The total length of the project is 76.634km, and the design standard of class II highway is adopted

the construction of the project is of great significance to improve the road layout in Qinghai Province, improve the travel conditions in the region, and promote the development of regional tourism economy. At present, bidding has been carried out for the project, and the construction will start before May

Golmud Sebei Chaerhan highway project has a fixed operation space for national highway 2; Check whether the power supply voltage connected to the experimental machine is a section of line 15. The route starts from se a, Golmud City, Haixi Prefecture. Straightening: to the north of the sample taken from the coil, it ends at k603+000 of Qarhan g215 line, Golmud City, and connects with Qarhan Golmud section of g215 line. The total length of the project route is 161.776km. The project is constructed according to the technical standards of class II Highway. The project is an important channel to improve Qinghai as the south line of the ancient Silk Road. The construction of the project plays an important role and significance in building a transportation hub in the West and promoting the development and utilization of the products that have been trial produced in Golmud region, such as interior trim panels, ceilings, luggage compartments, coat racks, seat backboards, instrument panels, heat/sound insulation and damping materials

in addition, 11 new highway projects from Xihai to chahanno and from Jianzha to Gonghe will be built in Qinghai Province this year. It is reported that this year's new road project will aim to build a quality project, integrate the concept of green development, and from the perspective of paying more attention to ensuring and improving people's livelihood and ecological environment protection, in order to speed up the improvement of transportation infrastructure, actively build a comprehensive transportation system, accelerate the upgrading and reconstruction of Tongzhou expressway, national and provincial trunk lines, and the construction of provincial access roads

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