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Aphasia when interacting with angry callers

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cti Forum () news on July 19 (compilation/old Qin): as the saying goes: diversity is the spice of life. This is usually a good thing. Diversity has been approved as "Shandong Peninsula National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone" four months later, which makes life far away from monotony and makes every day more exciting, because nothing can guarantee future life. However, in the call center, diversification may bring some serious problems to the agents. Each caller is different, and there is no way to prepare for every possible scenario

this is especially true when encountering angry callers. Not only are excited callers unpredictable, but there is no magic way to calm them down. Why? Because of diversity. There are several different types of angry callers, and the agent needs to be able to identify which are which, and then decide how to deal with each situation

according to the call center helper, there are several angry callers, so let's take a look at the three most common types: offside callers, legitimate dissatisfied callers and threat makers

an offside is a person who is likely to have no practical problems in the product or enterprise. Usually, such callers are in a difficult period and need to vent their anger on other people. Since the call center staff really listen attentively, these callers tend to abuse them. Therefore, these people complain even the most minor details. The best choice is to put forward words related to solving the problem, such as: can I suggest? Or what I am going to do now

at the same time, legal complainants are just the opposite of illegal ones, because these beaters have real problems. Enterprises or products fail to live up to customers to some extent. They may disclose their dissatisfaction on the Internet, especially if the customer's service is not well handled. Under these circumstances, it is better for the call center manager to provide some phrases like this for 3D printing parts in commercial and military aircraft, space and industrial fields. For example, thank you very much for your patience, sir/madam. I will act immediately. I am sorry to hear that, sir/Taitai

next, the threat makers seek to get the results they want through emotional or even physical intimidation. For the seats, it is important to remember that the vast majority of threats are empty, but this does not make them sound easier and more comfortable. When dealing with these callers, the agent must maintain their established policy. Don't make promises to appease them, try not to let them approach your ideas. The agents need to maintain a good balance between being firm and being sympathetic to the problem (after all, they are still customers). No matter how rude they are. There are no useful phrases here, so the channel address gating is about reassuring the caller as soon as possible: the fastest solution, I will ask you, I suggest you (insert action here), sir/madam, so that I can take further action in time

call center helper also refers to other types of angry callers, but in my opinion, these three are the worst. However, at the end of the day, they are still customers. It is important to help them as much as possible. However, if someone becomes overly abusive or unreasonable, the agent should know that they can turn to their call center manager

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