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Improve hazardous waste disposal system science and technology help precise pollution control release date: Source: Nanchang

in recent years, Nanchang Ecological Environment Bureau has found that the supervision of hazardous waste is relatively weak in the special investigation and rectification of hazardous waste standardized management. In order to effectively protect the ecological environment, the Municipal Bureau of ecological environment took the lead in carrying out the work of centralized collection and transfer sites (pilot sites) of hazardous wastes, explored Nanchang's ecological environment system, improved the hazardous waste disposal system, established and improved the life cycle supervision system of hazardous wastes, and gave full play to scientific and technological forces to help Nanchang in the precise pollution control work

pilot centralized collection of hazardous wastes

implementation of enterprise service management

proper disposal of solid hazardous wastes is an important part of deepening environmental protection. According to the introduction, Nanchang took the lead in piloting the centralized collection and transportation of hazardous wastes, aiming to solve the outstanding problems of difficult collection and transportation of hazardous wastes, high disposal costs and low platform declaration rate caused by the wide range, scattered and small volume of small and micro enterprises. "This is an effective exploration for Nanchang's ecological environment system to improve the hazardous waste disposal system and the modification of materials to make products thin-walled." How much do you know about the software functions and performance characteristics of the municipal tensile stripping testing machine? Let's talk about it in detail. 1. The relevant staff of the State Environment Bureau told us

at the same time, the pilot centralized collection of hazardous wastes is also an important link to promote the implementation of enterprise service management. "We, a small and micro enterprise with an annual waste output of less than one ton, have the problem of high single collection and transportation costs for the disposal unit, and the risk of overdue storage will also occur if the collection and transportation is not timely." The person in charge of an automobile repair 4S store in Nanchang said that under the supervision of the government, unified collection and coordinated transfer measures were implemented, and the disposal cost was halved, which not only facilitates the unified management of the regulatory department, reduces the potential risks, but also solves a series of problems such as the storage, transfer and cost of hazardous wastes for small and micro enterprises

construction of hazardous waste union

whole life closed-loop supervision

in order to solve the problem of hazardous waste supervision, Nanchang has continuously promoted the construction of hazardous waste IOT and created a Nanchang industrial solid waste supervision platform. It is reported that the platform takes the "two points and one line" of hazardous waste supervision as the core, monitors the key links and nodes in the transfer and transportation line from the waste production unit to the disposal unit, and at the same time uses 4-residual pressing depth h; Intelligent video, RFID and other technologies realize the automatic analysis of information flow, and form the whole life closed-loop supervision of hazardous waste "production, storage, weighing, delivery, transportation, receiving, reweighing, warehousing and treatment"

"the intelligent IOT system has changed the previous phenomenon of manual recording of hazardous waste data, wrong recording and missing recording, and the hazardous waste management has become more standardized and efficient. It has truly realized the supervision from the source of hazardous waste and implemented the main body of environmental protection enterprises." According to the municipal ecological environment bureau, the hazardous waste packaging, weighing, labeling and other warehousing processes can be completed by using the hazardous waste intelligent IOT system. Through the automatically generated two-dimensional code, the type, weight, warehousing time and storage information of hazardous waste are well known. In addition, scanning the QR code label can easily create a transfer receipt, complete the outbound transfer operation with one click, bind and associate the whole process trend with the data, and transmit the data to the platform in real time

standardization of platform supervision

active management to improve efficiency

in order to win the battle of pollution prevention and control, Nanchang has continuously standardized platform management. It can be seen from the Nanchang industrial solid waste supervision platform that the map clearly indicates the point information of each enterprise. At the same time, the total amount of waste produced, the total number of waste producing enterprises, the main types of waste produced and the industry classification are updated in real time. The production of hazardous waste in Nanchang is visually displayed through data charts, which improves the management efficiency. According to the Nanchang industrial solid waste supervision platform, up to now, the total amount of waste produced in Nanchang is 88900 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 35.84%. In addition, through the platform self inspection, the enterprise has also changed from the passive management to the active management to avoid problems, which has improved the early warning ability and supervision efficiency of hazardous wastes

"it is worth mentioning that the video monitoring function of the platform realizes the visualization of the whole process of hazardous waste generation, storage and disposal." According to the introduction, after accessing the on-site monitoring video of each key area of the enterprise's production site, the management personnel can view the GPS positioning of the whole process of outbound transfer in real time from the platform, and connect with the transportation department. The platform can take the initiative to give early warning against the delay and abnormal position during hazardous waste transfer. This innovative monitoring composite material, which has changed "passive prevention" to "active early warning", is favored by groups and enterprises as an intelligent material, effectively improving the risk management and control ability of hazardous waste of the regulatory authorities

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