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Have you ever dreamed of a smart life in the future, living in a house with a smart home system?

have you ever dreamed of such a scene:

when you come home from work, the fresh air system is automatically turned on, and the projector is automatically turned on, playing your favorite program

enter the study, the light is automatically adjusted, and the intelligent noise reduction system is turned on to enter the most comfortable reading state

when you return to the room, the soothing music sounds and the curtains close automatically, creating the most desirable sleeping environment


then, how can such a scene occur

here comes the dry goods

today, we introduce a smart app that is very easy to use --

"smart. Whole house smart"

as the latest smart home housekeeper,

What are its advantages

take smart family smart lock as an example

try it together

unexpectedly, "smart all room intelligence" has such a powerful function:

1. Protect residential safety all day

many people usually turn on a small night light when no one is at home at night to deter thieves. The smart family smart lock has core technologies such as intelligent sensing technology and door opening and closing state detection. After being linked with the "smart. Whole house smart" app, 24-hour door entry and exit information can be pushed and controlled in real time through the app, so as to ensure the safety of the house and don't worry about traveling outside for a month

in addition, after the linkage of "smart house smart" and smart family smart lock, it can also realize functions such as remote door opening, temporary password creation, temporary password modification, temporary password deletion, etc. After creating a temporary password, cleaning aunts don't have to worry about no one at home, friends don't have to rush home when they come, and they won't reveal their privacy at the same time

2. One key scene transformation of door opening and closing

there are so many household appliances in a family, how to link them is more difficult for many novices of smart home, especially those with "choice difficulty", but if you "encounter" smart home smart lock, you don't have to worry

since the birth of smart lock, the first smart product that people touch when entering the house is the door. Therefore, based on smart family smart lock, through its linkage with various household appliances, it can customize "reading mode", "video mode", "sleep mode", etc., so that users can enjoy the best quality home experience when opening the door and room door. In addition, taking the door as the linkage trigger point is more energy-saving

3. The whole house linkage is more simple and convenient

"smart. Whole house smart" app is very simple to operate. After opening the app, on the one hand, it is to add devices. The "my home" interface can first add home appliances with intelligent functions. At present, the "intelligent. Whole house intelligent" app has entered 19 common modules such as smart camera, temperature and humidity sensor, curtain switch, etc. in advance, to teach you how to add them by hand

on the other hand, it is to formulate personalized application scenarios. The "intelligent" interface has two types of added intelligence: scene and automation. Among them, the scene can set any situation you want through different home appliance systems, and it can be controlled with one key. Automation can be implemented automatically according to weather, equipment, time and other conditions. As long as it is set in advance, there is no need to worry

it is worth mentioning that smart family smart lock not only has a professional and efficient after-sales service guarantee team, but also has a huge support system of more than 300 franchised stores across the country. Smart home apps launched on other platforms, in addition to the shortcomings of too complex operation and frequent linkage problems, have no strong offline support, which is difficult to truly solve user needs. With many years of experience in smart home service, smart family smart lock can not only deeply understand users' needs, but also bring users the most professional smart home service team in physical stores all over the country

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