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Family decoration is a major event for many people. Everyone hopes that there will be no problems after the decoration of their house, but if they are careless, such problems often occur during the decoration. Recently, Mr. Wang has had a series of troubles because of problems in decoration

it turned out that since February this year, Mr. Wang has been busy decorating his home. First, he pasted wallpaper, and then installed solid wood composite floors, making the whole room look new. However, after decoration, the home emits a pungent smell. People who stay at home for a while will be fumigated to tears and cannot move in at all. The decorator explained that this is the case after the decoration of the new home. Often open the doors and windows and ventilate more, and the smell will disappear. What I didn't expect was that two months later, the indoor smell was still pungent

Mr. Wang began to suspect that the formaldehyde on the floor exceeded the standard, so he found the theory of the floor dealer, but the owner said that their floor was absolutely no problem, and if he didn't believe it, he could send it to be tested. Therefore, Mr. Wang lifted several pieces of the indoor floor and sent them to the quality inspection department for testing, but the test results were completely up to standard. Now Mr. Wang was confused: what could be the problem? Later, after being instructed, Mr. Wang turned his eyes to the wallpaper he had posted before

in order to find out the problem, he took some wallpaper off the wall and sent it to the quality inspection department for testing again. The test results showed that formaldehyde seriously exceeded the standard! Therefore, Mr. Wang went to the wallpaper dealer to ask for an explanation. Because there was no agreement when he bought it, the wallpaper shop thought they didn't have to bear any responsibility, and ignored Mr. Wang's request to return the wallpaper and pay the cost of two tests. In desperation, Mr. Wang had to complain to the Consumer Association

the staff of the Consumer Association understood the story, checked the relevant monitoring materials, and actively came to the door to carry out mediation. Finally, the wallpaper dealer replaced the qualified wallpaper for Mr. Wang free of charge, and undertook the cost of two tests, paying Mr. Wang 1000 yuan at one time. Here, remind the majority of consumers: family decoration should be cautious. First, the decoration agreement must be signed before decoration, so as to protect rights afterwards; Second, when buying, you must shop around and choose brand decoration materials with good quality and trust




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